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Aug 22, 2012
Dealing with insurance issues can often times be overwhelming. Below are some of the guidelines our office adheres to when it comes to insurance. INSURANCE, How Does It Work? I find patients who understand their financial responsibility in our office get the best results and have the best experience. For that reason I will go over some details as to how insurance works and what you can look forward to regarding your care. Remember every policy is different and my description is accurate from a general point of view. The specific coverages of your policy will have to be determined by conversation with your insurance company. Medicare and medicare supplemental insurances Medicare works differently in a chiropractic office than in a general medical office. Medicare has limitations that you need to understand so that you can determine to what degree you choose care. Medicare requires that spinal x-rays are on file before it will even consider paying for any treatment. While it requires these x-rays it does not pay for them in a chiropractic office. And, when Medicare doesn’t pay for a procedure, your supplement, in most cases, also doesn’t. Medicare also does not pay for physical examinations or physical therapy that may be needed in your case. Medicare does pay for the chiropractic adjustments. Remember, insurance is not designed to take care of your entire treatment costs. In order to help our Medicare patients I have designed a fee schedule that takes into account the deficiencies in the Medicare program. PPO insurance The basic rules are these. If you go to a network provider (ie. Doctor on your plan) you pay either no deductible or a smaller one, have a smaller co-pay, or pay less percentage of fees. I am currently on a variety of plans, however, it is literally impossible to be on all plans. For those patients who have insurances that I am not affiliated with I can help you determine what your fees will be in my office. I will make every attempt to make your fees manageable so that you can get the care and results you desire while seeing the doctor you were referred to. Medicaid Insurance Medicaid insurance works similarly to PPO Insurance. You need to go to a provider, and you will probably have a co-pay or pay a lesser percentage of fees. You may also have limits to the amount of care the plan will cover. Please call us to discuss your individual plan coverages. Patients without Insurance I furnish my patients with a payment at the “time of treatment discount”. I can afford to give you a generous discount on treatment provided that you pay for each treatment at the time service is given. For your convenience we accept Visa and Mastercard. Auto insurance We do accept automobile PIP Insurance (personal injury protection), workman’s compensation and some HMOs. Call us to see how much coverage you may have on these plans.