Is taking antidepressants bad for you?


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Aug 29, 2012
Do you feel ashamed because you’re taking antidepressants? Does that means you’re a failure at life? Are you scared that you’ll be destined to end up unhappy your whole life? Are you afraid you’re going to end up like those horrible stories on TV? Honestly, most people will tell you that antidepressants are unnecessary. That you can toughen it out. That you need to try harder. That the power of positive thinking cures all. That you’re weak for taking them. The truth For some reason your brain isn’t working the way it’s supposed to, and you need medicine to fix it. The brain is allowed to get sick, just like everything else in your body. If the medicine is working for you DON’T STOP TAKING IT! There’s no reason why you should. I totally understand feeling ashamed, but you don’t have to tell anyone you’re taking meds if you don’t want to tell them. If you had problems with blood pressure would you take medication? If you had strep infection would you take antibiotics to clear it up? Antidepressants are no different as least for certain segments of people dealing with pure depression. Are antidepressants over prescribed? Without a doubt but that has more to do with society and the need for a quick fix. If I had a heart disorder and the only way to stay alive is take pills each day that would be completely reasonable by society standards but once you start talking about mental illness the line gets blurry. Depression is usually more expressed at night. If you’re experience this, you should let your doctor know because it could be pretty important. Some people’s depression is affected by the amount of light you get and naturally, there’s not much light at night. Weather can also be the reason why your’re  more depressed on gloomy days and less depressed on nice sunny days, that’s also worth mentioning to your doctor.