It is not a matter of barrier but is a concern for your safe


Sep 17, 2012
With the increasing number of vehicles plying on the roads as well as the vehicular traffic, the pedestrians are often exposed to unfortunate incidents. Though they don’t want to they are banished in the mobility network. The pedestrians are habitually directed towards the narrow footpaths which sometimes are trespassed. They make the most use of the FOB- foot over bridges which are meant to be used by the pedestrians. They do it so that they can jump over the high volume of the traffic roads. As, the number of flyovers are increasing with each passing day, the number of accidents, i.e. the frequency is increasing involving many of the pedestrians. With the impartiality to ensure the rights of the foot-travelers in terms of mobility, safety and expediency, sluggish and reckless vehicular traffic highway barriers, partitions and pedestrian’s railings are available on the central edge together with Foot Over Bridges (FOB), sub-ways etc. Many times the Foot over bridges and sub-ways are underused as they cause troublesomeness and insecurity to the people who make use of it. As a result, the pedestrians are seen thoughtlessly talkative while walking on the road and climbing over the barriers and railings so that they could cross the high intensity flyovers as well as high speed roads. They do not like road safety products placed on the roads such as flexible posts. It is placed for their safety but to save their time, they tend to neglect these barriers. Road safety products such as metro barrier and other essential products are placed for your safety. They are your life guards not your enemy. Do not ever ignore them. It is also to be noticed that as such as it is necessary to provide safer and broader corridors for the pedestrians. In the roads, where there is high pedestrian traffic, it may be necessary to provide corridors to the pedestrians. It is important so that the motorized vehicle move up and down easily without obstructing the way of the people. For the safety of both; the pedestrians as well as the motorists, there may be possible by raising the carriageway of the road measuring the meters of the road. Doing this will make the pedestrians move freely, and they can cross the road easily. If it is done like this, then not only the people but the places such as metro station too will feel better to commute the people in a convenient way. Incoming search terms: It is not a matter of barrier but is a concern for your safety