Italian language school: 4 reasons to study in a qualified i


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Aug 20, 2012
If you surf on the web searching for information and advices about learning the Italian language, you will find many websites that offer books and booklets for free, tutorials, simple info graphics, slides and videos to learn the language by yourself. These tools are very useful to approach to a new subject and learn the basis, but if you really want to study and learn a new language (and in particular the Italian idiom, that is one of the most difficult European languages you can find) you need to attend an Italian language school in Italy. Here you can find some reasons why attending an Italian language school is much better than studying alone. In an Italian language school you can find qualified and experienced teachers who know very well the language, have the qualification and the certification to teach and understand the difficulties of foreign students. In this way, you can learn the real Italian language avoiding bad mistakes and false beliefs that are very difficult to fix and correct. Another advantage of choosing an Italian language school is the opportunity to take the most important tools and learn the right method to study and go on in a efficient way. After learning these things and attending a true class in a good Italian language school, you can always continue by yourself at home. When you have the right basis of the language, you are able to go on alone. In an Italian school you can find students and people like you coming from all over the world: this aspect is very useful because you have the opportunity (and the necessity as well) to speak in Italian with the others. In this way, you are obliged to force yourself to talk to teachers and other students of the school (in the classroom but also outside during the breaks) and this is the fastest and the best way to learn a foreign language. But at the same time, you will study in a comfortable setting with people who have the same difficulties you have. In a place like that, you will go ahead faster and better. Another advantage of attending a school is the direct contact with other students and the relationship you can create with them in a short and long term as well. You can meet new people, make new friends and keep in touch with them even when your Italian course ends. When you come back home, you can always call them via Skype, continue your training and speaking Italian language.