Keep yourself calm by adapting these 10 motivational strateg


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Sep 3, 2012
Trials and tribulations are part and parcel of life. One can either face them bravely and overcome the situation or lose hope and get defeated. Life becomes miserable for people who cannot face difficulties head on. Being calm in all situations is the first step towards being strong. Only a calm mind can take calculated decisions, which is necessary to avoid stress and strain that may ensue due to wrong decisions. Maintaining calm is not simple. Some people have this ability innate in them, while others may learn with practice. It requires one to look at life differently and learn lessons. It is a matter of self-development which prepares us to meet the problems of life successfully. Here are 10 motivational strategies to keep you calm: Accept that the source of all emotions is inside us-Most of the times people tend to blame the external factors for their anxiety, but it is actually our thoughts, what we tell ourselves creates the stress. Running away from our duties-an urgent mail that is awaiting our action, an important to do list, or an approaching deadline will not help. In this way you only destabilise your self-discipline. When you feel resistance from facing a challenge, do not look around, instead look within. Failure is not the end of life-Putting your best efforts into something and then seeing it fallapart is the worst thing. Some people not only cope with the situation, but also learn from the incident. Believe it or not this is something about your mind set. One needs to seriously internalize the lessons and implement them to make progress in life and career. Read and implement-One can feel inspired and motivated for a while after reading a self-help book. Reading such books can prepare you for adverse situations and even guide you against foolish mistakes. But, remember to implement what you read when you come across a rude customer, a bully or face someone’s wrath for no fault of yours. Address your weaknesses which land you in difficult situations- You cannot deal with difficult situations without working on yourself. If you don’t do your work on time and instead pursued something else, this will definitely add to your anxiety. Investigate and dissect the cause and try to resolve it. You will know yourself well enough to identify those sides of your character that pull you down and be in a stronger position to drive away stress. Consequently, you will be calm in all situations. Focus: When you work, let not any distraction divert your attention. Think that life is short and to make a mark one must focus on the work they do at that moment. To be calm one must respect time and prioritize their work. Meditation- Deep breathing and meditation have always been considered a great way to control anxiety and maintain composure at all times. The practise boosts the ability to control our senses in a better manner. Count- Control your temper by looking down on the floor and counting as long as you do not feel calm again. Spend time with yourself- Keep your phone away and sit for some time alone, not thinking of anything or just lie down quietly in the same manner. It is releasing. It rejuvenates your mind to the levels you cannot imagine. Procrastination is not your thing-Avoid delaying your work. It can be deadly. It can harm your reputation and lead to considerable losses. Leave the habit and enjoy the peace of mind that enters after it. Spend time on constructive things- Facebook, twitter, online shopping-we are usually in these places more than we need to be. Net gain is zero with terrible loss of time. Breaks are necessary but are you sure you are not addicted?