Know Everything About the Stroke Treatment in India


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Aug 20, 2012
Stroke is a sudden disturbance of blood flow in one or more parts of the brain, which causes loss of function of that particular area. The major causes of stroke are bursts of blood vessels or blockage of blood, which leads to blood clot. The outcome may be fatal, if the patient is not treated immediately. The outcome may be a severe disability or death because the brain cells may begin to die quickly. One of the most important advices when a patient suffering from the stroke is act FAST, here the FAST stands for Face, Arms, Speech and Time. FAST in all about: Face: Ask the patient to smile and check whether one side of face drops Arms: Ask the patient to raise his arms. Do his arms become numb or weak? Speech: Ask the patient to say something, Check if his speech is unclear. Time: If any of these signs are clearly visible, then it’s high time to call the stroke unit. Symptoms of Stroke: Some of the symptoms that are discussed below: Function loss of sensory and involuntary muscle. Muscles may be loose when canker is fresh, but soon unusual behaviour is visible on the affected side. One or more part of the body feels like powerless on the side that is opposite to the brain. Investigation for Stroke: The first step of the Stroke treatment in India is the investigation of its effects. Deep investigation is required to make sure the area affected by the stroke which means to check the blood clots in the brain which involves MRI Scan, Single Photo Emission CT, Electro Encephalograph.  MRI scan is needed to show the extent of the stroke injury, whereas the Single Photo Emission CT is needed to show the functional status of the brain and the Electro Encephalograph is required to check if there exist epileptic fits.