Knowing about Electric Fuel Pumps


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Aug 24, 2012
An electric fuel pump is a device used to power an automobile’s engine by directing the fuel through electronic means. It is an alternative to manual fuel pump system and is considered to be a better use of technology with the function and operation of vehicles. An electric fuel pump is mounted inside the fuel tank and operated by the electrical systems of the vehicle. Electric fuel pump can deliver fuel at high pressure in order to meet the requirements of the engine. Types of electric fuel pumps
* Roller vane design pumps
* Roller vane pump drives metal rollers that are fitted to a roller. This creates a vacuum that pulls the fuel into the pump. The driven rollers also push the fuel from the fuel pump with a pressure.
* Operation in roller vane pumps is a bit noisier.
* They can tolerate fuel contaminates.
* It is mostly used in heavy vehicles of marine, agricultural, industrial and performance applications. * Gerotor design pumps
* It is a gear driven pump which uses an armature to drive a relatively smaller gear that in turn drives a larger outer gear. The gears are precise and their operation is quite.
* The rotation of the gear creates vacuum to draw fuel into the pump and contraction which directs fuel out of the pump.
* Gerotor design pumps are used with poly port fuel injection vehicles.
* They are vulnerable to fuel contamination. * Turbine design pumps
* Turbine design pumps uses the armature similar to that of a gerotor pump. The armature operates the blades of the turbine in order to pump the fuel.
* These are mostly used in multi-port fuel injection systems.
* These are sensitive to fuel contaminates as well. How an electric fuel pump works?
* An electric fuel pump consists of a diaphragm and valve structure and an electromagnetic switch which pulls the diaphragm.
* The electromagnetic switch attracts an iron rod which pulls the diaphragm down thus pulling petrol into the chamber.
* When the diaphragm returns, the spring raises the diaphragm which pulls the rod away from contacts. Then the diaphragm and valve structure shuts down so that the electromagnetic switch pulls the rod and diaphragm down. * Circulating fuel continuously
* The modern fuel delivery systems pump fuel into the engine when required.
* A delivery system consists of series of pipes from the tank to the engine and back again. An electric fuel pump sends fuel through these pipes to the engine. Filtering of fuel and air
* Fuel and air are filtered before passing into engine.
* A fuel filter is applied in the fuel line before the fuel goes into the engine.
* A pump may be incorporated with a wire or plastic gauge filter or a bowl to catch the dust particles in the fuel.
* An air cleaner is applied at the air intake of engine. Electric fuel pumps were developed to overcome few of the disadvantages of mechanical fuel pumps. They showed an increase in efficiency than that of the mechanical fuel pumps. Airtex Fuel Delivery Systems is the leading aftermarket supplier of mechanical and electric fuel pumps and modular reservoir assemblies (MRA). For over 50 years, the Airtex brand has been the benchmark of fuel delivery and cooling system components. Airtex fuel pump is an OE replacement pump. Airtex electric fuel pump and mechanical pump models are available for old and new cars.