Lasik Surgery. What happens after?


Oct 18, 2012
The thought of undergoing Lasik eye surgery raises many questions. Not just questions about the surgery, but also about what will happen afterwards. When can you resume work? What should you eat? So here is a list of Do’s and Don’ts that need to be followed after laser eye surgery: Dos after Lasik Eye Surgery DO have a friend or family member drive: After your surgery, you will need someone to accompany you home safely. DO use eye drops as directed: Use the prescribed eye drops in the advised dosage and schedule. DO feel free to return to work and regular activities: There’s no need to seclude yourself for weeks after laser eye surgery. You can resume normal activities after a few days. DO eat or drink what you want: LASIK patients can indulge in whatever foods they desire, except for alcoholic beverages. Craving ice cream? Enjoy! Feel the need for a cheeseburger and fries? Go ahead! DO wear safety glasses during high-risk activities: It’s not necessary to isolate yourself after undergoing laser eye surgery, but if you plan to engage in sports or activities that may increase your risk of eye injury, using safety glasses is recommended. Wear Eye Shields: You will be needed to use eye shields at night for a week after Lasik surgery Don’ts after LASIK Surgery DON’T worry if you experience discomfort: Some eye discomfort is expected after undergoing any medical procedure. To reduce this, keep your eyes closed as much as possible after your laser eye surgery, till you wake up the next day. It’s okay to open them for short breaks to eat, drink and use eye drops. You can also ask for over-the-counter pain relievers. DON’T rub your eyes: For two weeks after Lasik eye surgery, it is very important NOT to rub your eyes. DON’T get soap or water directly in your eyes: Avoid this for two weeks after your laser vision correction. If soap or water does get into your eyes, put your head down and blink, so that your tears will wash them out. DON’T wear eye makeup: Eye make-up is to be avoided for 1 month after Lasik eye surgery. DON’T forget post-op appointments: Follow-up care is very important after LASIK eye surgery, so ensure that you do not miss out on any post-operative appointments. Your first appointment with eye surgeon after laser vision correction should last about 30-45 minutes. No swimming / hot tubs or sauna for 1 month. No work on computer for 2 – 3 days after surgery. About the Advanced eye hospital: Advanced Eye Hospital and Institute (AEHI), a multi specialty Eye Hospital is located in Navi Mumbai, India. It is consider as one of the Best Hospital for Laser Eye Surgery. It is the only centre in the state to have Lasik, ReLEx Femto Lasik and Lasik Xtra: all the latest advances in the world of Lasik, under one roof.