Learn and Pass HSK Chinese Proficiency Exam with Purple Pand


Aug 27, 2012
Great interest in Chinese language has been portrayed by many people across the world. This language has been uniquely considered to be broad in usage since Chinese people is great in number, and not all Chinese people reside in China alone. This widespread of Chinese language has influenced many to appreciate the uniqueness and beauty of the language, making people interested to learn about it. Many people now want to be fluent and well-educated in the Chinese language; most of them even attend schools just to learn Chinese. Moreover, some would even live in Chine for better learning and development of their Chinese language knowledge. They believe socializing and communicating with Chinese people would help them learn and adapt Chinese language easily. What is HSK? People who are non-native speakers of Chinese language but are really eager to learn Chinese would undergo examination which is called the HSK exam. Probably you would first ask what HSK stands for. HSK stands for Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi or Chinese Proficiency Test. This test is particularly given to people who want to test their Chinese proficiency and determine whether they are equipped in speaking the said language. How would Purple Panda help me learn and pass the HSK? If you are wondering how Purple Panda would help you learn Chinese, then the following statements would give an explanation to your question. Purple Panda starts from the basics. If you want to learn Chinese, Purple Panda would first introduce you to the basic phrases in Chinese. These Chinese phrases are usually heard from native Chinese people. Learning these phrases would prepare you to learn advanced Chinese. Purple Panda provides phrases in Chinese with corresponding English translation for you to understand. These Chinese phrases would be very useful especially if you are new with the Chinese language since you can already use it in simple Chinese sentences. With Purple Panda, you would be able to access a Mandarin phrasebook, a phrasebook that would give you a great number of Mandarin phrases. If you want to learn Chinese step-by-step, this Mandarin phrasebook would help a lot. With its phrases and meanings, one would be able to adapt basic Chinese language quickly. Purple Panda provides this Mandarin phrasebook to let people discover and learn more of Chinese phrases. Included in the Purple Panda site are the Chinese flashcards one would need for Chinese learning. This Chinese flashcards includes basic words one should learn including its English meaning. Chinese flashcards are often use in Chinese schools to impose the language concepts one-by-one to people. In addition to this, Purple Panda does not only provide typical Chinese flashcards, but also talking Mandarin flashcards. This is helpful to understand how these words are pronounced correctly. With these talking Mandarin flashcards one wouldn’t have problems with the pronunciation. Purple Panda mainly used talking Mandarin flashcards to avoid people from sounding incorrectly and expressing the words with wrong accent. Aside from learning the pronunciation and basic phrases in Chinese language, Purple Panda also provides lectures in writing Chinese characters. People who are really interested in Chinese would really appreciate this feature, because aside from speaking the language, one can also learn writing Chinese characters. This would be best especially to those who want to migrate in China. Purple Panda made everything easier in the lesson of writing Chinese characters. Everything starts from basic to advance. With these lessons provided by Purple Panda, one could have a higher chance of passing the HSK exam, since every HSK examinees are required to learn the Chinese basics, thus, giving you an advantage on this requirement. Share Bookmark on Delicious Recommend on Facebook Buzz it up Share on Linkedin Share via MySpace Share on Orkut share via Reddit Share on identica Share with Stumblers Share on technorati Tumblr it Tweet about it Print for later Bookmark in Browser