Linen Fabric is an Excellent Choice for Christmas Curtains


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Aug 20, 2012
Although you may not have thought of it, linen fabric is an excellent choice for Christmas curtains. Natural linen fabric is durable and washable, so there is no worry about cleaning even during even the most active holiday season. Linen is usually associated with light airy summer curtains and many people change them out with the seasons. The truth is that linen curtains can also appear warm and cozy when paired with seasonal colors and heavier fabrics in upholstery and accessories. Simple linen fabrics are timeless and beautiful. Their texture is soft and curtains made from linen fabrics flow perfectly from the rod to the floor. The natural color is complementary to any color scheme, and particularly to the Christmas theme. They are very easy to accent for Christmas with different types of ribbon and strands of beads, or even sequins and embroidered trim. You can sew (baste) on the trim with a needle and thread so it is easily removed later without damage to the curtains, or you can attach it with hem tape and iron it on. Linen fabric can be dyed, embroidered, stamped and painted with Christmas themes if you intend to make a permanent set of Christmas curtains. Lengths of linen can be swaged over the curtain rod and caught at the corners with any number of Christmas decorations and bows. Velvet goes particularly well with linen curtains and makes excellent tie backs and bows to accent them, giving a more elegant look. Linen can be adapted to any style; it looks equally good tailored like a suit or as rumpled as a bed. This is one of the reasons that people since time out of mind have used linen in their decorating both for holidays and every other day of the year. The same linen you use for your Christmas curtains will also make a beautifully draped tablecloth or a skirt for under the tree. These accent pieces can be embellished to match the curtains, and you will have a fabulous set of linens for Christmas celebrations. If you make your own linen curtains, the leftover scraps make gorgeous holiday wrappings for gifts. Once again pair the linen pieces with the same great velvet bows and tiny ornaments or greenery and you will be giving one-of-a-kind packages that anyone would be happy to receive. Linen is a sustainable material which is made from flax. Flax is a crop that is grown on a yearly basis, therefore your linen Christmas curtains are also environmentally friendly from a renewable source. If you have a desire for a more green way of living, what could be better than all natural linen curtains? They are equally attractive in any room in your home. During the holidays this gives you additional avenues for adding a little Christmas to every room. No matter what your holiday decorating style is, linen Christmas curtains will flow seamlessly into the mix. Formal, casual, country or elegant; there is really only one fabric that can do it all, and that would be linen. Visit the site for more information about linen fabric and linen curtains. Share Bookmark on Delicious Recommend on Facebook Buzz it up Share on Linkedin Share via MySpace Share on Orkut share via Reddit Share on identica Share with Stumblers Share on technorati Tumblr it Tweet about it Print for later Bookmark in Browser