List of foods that reduce the level of stress hormone


Sep 10, 2012
It is quite difficult to manage the stress without the help of medications. But these medications have some adverse effects on physical and mental health. So it is necessary to lower the level of stress hormones by consuming foods which are calming in nature. These foods naturally lower the level of the stress hormones by increasing the level of other hormones that fight against stress. These foods are well known stress-busting foods which calm you easily reduce the level of emotional, mental and physical stress. There is evidence that stressful life can cause premature aging and increased the risk of diseases. Here are the lists of common problem that are associated with the high level of stress. Hair loss due to prolonged stress Reduce the level of hormones (testosterone and estrogen) Lack of energy in body Insomnia Headache Muscle pain Increase the risk of psoriasis and eczema Reason for stress People always believe that stress is mostly associated with lifestyle factors, over workload, hectic schedule or busy job. But there are many other factors that causing stress such as intolerant or allergic diet, insufficient sleep, hormonal imbalance and leptin resistance. Foods that reduce stress hormone Oranges The presence of vitamin C in the oranges return the blood pressure and normal the level of cortisol (stress hormone). Oranges are loaded with vitamin c which fired-up the immune strength and reduce the stressful situation. Dark Chocolate There is a deep relationship between dark chocolate and stress, consuming dark chocolate lowers the stress in both ways- by chemically and emotionally. Dark chocolate are great source of antioxidants which naturally minimize the level of stress hormone. Sweet Potatoes Consuming foods which are loaded with the carbohydrates can also useful to lower the level of stress. Sweet potatoes are fulfilling the requirement of carbohydrates, which naturally increase the level of serotonin, a chemical reaction inside body which helps in mood change by lowering stress. Spinach Spinach is a powerhouse of an important mineral known as magnesium, which reduces the risk of migraine and fatigue feeling. There is no doubt that spinach is a super food which fulfills the magnesium requirement and minimizes the risk of stress or headache. Salmon As per research results, omega-3 fatty acid diet is useful to reduce the risk of heart diseases. Instead of that, omega -3 is also helping your body to maintain the balance of cortisol and adrenaline hormones. Avocados The potassium levels in the avocados are higher than bananas, which helps to lower the level of blood pressure. Apart from that, avocados hold the monounsaturated fats which also balance the blood pressure level. Remember, extreme stress is linked with low libido and can cause ED in men. As per reports of health institute, Sildenafil citrate 100mg is a best oral medicine for the treatment of ED. There are many other foods which calm you easily such as dried apricots, turkey, citrus Fruits, oatmeal, nuts and seeds. Apart from these foods, here are few stress-busting tips such as exercise daily, drink plenty of water, change your lifestyle, eat small but healthy, practice yoga etc. Incoming search terms: Which of the following foods is known to help reduce stress hormones in the body foods to eat to lower estrogen levels