LTO-5 Ultrium Tape drives Deliver Higher Performance


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Sep 14, 2012
Today’s competitive business environment and management information systems demand that more amount of data should be reliably backed up in less time. LTO tape media format is the best solution that provides high capacity, fast and economical backup operations in a wider range of automated environments and network servers. LTO-5 backup tape delivers massive capacity of 1.5 TB (uncompressed), and is the LTO ultrium tape format’s newest generation. Oracle offers broadest portfolio of industry’s leading backup tape solutions. StorageTek LTO tape drive family has been rigorously engineered by Oracle to help reduce ownership cost, optimize storage performance and support time-critical backup applications. LTO ultrium tape format provides a solid up-gradation path for investment protection. LTO tape technology’s “open” standard allows media interchangeability across LTO vendors. Therefore you can use all brands of LTO-5 backup tapes with StorageTek LTO5 drives. StorageTek LTO5 drives are available in half and full height models. So the users can conveniently select the LTO-5 tape drive model, which makes the most sense for their backup requirements and operating environment. StorageTek LTO-5 ultrium drives further enhance the storage value through their 2:1 data compressing functionality, and two-generation backward media compatibility. Data compression doubles the storage capability of LTO5 ultrium tapes to 3 terabytes, and accelerates the transfer rate to 280 Mbps. LTO-4 backup tapes are fully compatible (write/read) with StorageTek LTO-5 drives. The drives can only read the LTO-3 media. StorageTek LTO-5 drives are more energy efficient than the previous LTO-4 tape drives. In idle mode, the new generation LTO5 drives save up to 48% energy. StorageTek LTO-5 tape drives facilitate the customers to control the operating costs and manage complexity with rock solid reliability. StorageTek LTO5 drives’ built-in data encryption functionality secures your sensitive data. Therefore you can enjoy complete peace of mind and your data will be secured even if the tape cartridge is lost. Media partitioning is a unique and the most advantageous technology offered by LTO-5 format. Now you can easily create 2 media partition which significantly increases throughput, reduces wait times and boosts the transaction rates. Media partitioning functionality simplifies data management, and allows the customers to perform backup operations with LTO-5 tape system just like a disk drive. Therefore the data managers can easily drag and drop the data files, resulting in faster data access and cost-effective backup operations. StorageTek LTO-5 tape drives feature ultra-high 140MB/s native throughput rate, which allows the data administrators to process huge amount of data in lesser time. Introduction of fiber channel has further shortened backup windows and accelerated data recovery. In addition to fiber channel, the StorageTek LTO-5 tape drives also offer SAS interface. StorageTek LTO-5 tape drives’ exceptional compatibility with the leading data management and backup software provides you the luxury and confidence to stretch your investment. Product and software names mentioned throughout this article are trademarks and are sole property of their owners. Rob Miller is the Marketing Manager of Tape4backup and markets lto-5 tape and lto tape. He has vast experience in the marketing and trading industries and has been helping buyers who have the backup needs and guide clients about the technology. Rob Miller
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