Magic Mushrooms A Miracle Cure


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Sep 3, 2012
Magic Mushrooms A Miracle Cure? We have recently been seeing an increased publicity on the news and other media outlets concerning the apparent miraculous results of Magic Mushrooms’ psychedelic ingredient, Psilocybin can have on the treatment of severe depression. Not only can this treatment allegedly help patients stop dwelling on their negative opinions of themselves, but can actively show positive changes in their personality characteristics over a prolonged period of time. British scientists lead by Professor David Nutt, a professor of Neuropsychopharmacology at Imperial College London, have attempted to initiate an in-depth study on the medical potential of Magic Mushrooms, even to the extent of already having received financial backing.However as is often the case with any report claiming to contradict that the archaic “Drugs are Bad” philosophy, the study has been ground to a halt in a sea of red tape. “We haven’t started the study because finding companies that could manufacture the drug and who are prepared to go through the regulatory hoops to get the licence is proving very difficult,” said Nutt. “The whole field is so bedevilled by primitive old-fashioned attitudes. Even if you have a good idea, you may never get it into the clinic, it seems.” Mushrooms were made illegal in the UK on the 18th of July 2005, but they have been a part of our human experience for millennia consisting of an integral part to our spiritual growth. The first recorded evidence of the usage of this mushroom was first found in Neolithic rock art found in Tassilin’Ajjer, a mountain rage in the Algerian part of the Sahara desert.This cave art is thought to date between 7,000 and 9,000 years old and depicts the usage of this a hallucinogenic fungus for what seems to be a spiritual ceremony. This is commonly known as the “Round Head” period of cave art, of which several experts in this area have produced startling evidence which points to the use of Psilocybin mushrooms as a precursor, influencing the very art which has substantiated its early existence. Since then the magic mushroom has been a key element for opening the gates to the spirit world for many cultures. From the natives of Mesoamerica there seems to be an endless trail of religious and spiritual icons depicting the Mushroom. The Mayan ruins of Guatemala with their Mushroom Stones and motifsto the west Mexican statue found in the shaft and chamber tomb, from circa 200AD depicting a Psilocybe Mexicana to the Teonanáctl, “Divine Mushroom” of the Aztecs which was supposedly shared at the coronation of Montezuma II. In later times, the first Westerners to take part in a magic mushroom ceremony were so amazed with the adventure they had participated in that they brought back a sample, later discovered to be the Psilocybe variety of mushroom. Just one year later, a certain gentleman by the name of Albert Hofmann first recognised and identified both the active compounds in this mushroom as Psilocybin and Psilocin. So we come back again to today, and we still find ourselves experimenting and experiencing this ancient fungus, unable to open the Pandora’s Box it holds. Not for the lack of technical or chemical understanding, but for the forces of government who more often than not determine what is deemed to be good for us poor mortals.In some of the more recent studies into the effects of Magic Mushrooms on the human psyche the results have all been overwhelming with the majority of individuals taking part showing personality characteristics changing for the better, and not just in the short term! Many reported to have a “Mystical Experience” whilst hallucinating which increased their openness which is generally known for being a positive trait leading to increased sensitivity, a broader imagination, greater appreciation of music and visual art, actively engaging in intellectual conversation with an acute awareness of both themselves and others. All the studies found no adverse effects from the use of this drug, so we come to the question, why on earth was this banned and what can I do about it? Grow your own and don’t tell anyone! Since the ban on fresh and dried magic mushrooms there have been many loophole tactics to circumvent the actual legalities of purchasing shrooms, and to say that we are dipping our tentative toes into the grey areas of the domain of the law would be an understatement. Here are the alternatives for those who wish to strengthen their armour against the effects of depression, or widen the perception to the spiritual world, or enhance their empathic traits in dealing with our overly congested planet, or those that just fancy letting go of the physical restraints that hold us in a perpetual false reality of our day to day lives. Truffles, PsilocybeTampanensis, the long lost cousin of the Magic Mushroom also known as Philosophers Stones. These are still legal to purchase in some countries and have many of the same properties as theirshroom cousins. They are bought fresh and are available online for shipping. You can find many varieties such as PsilocybeTampanensis Atlantis, Mushrocks, Dragons Dynamite and PsilocybeTampanensis Mexicana amongst many others. These are a great first step in delving into the psychedelic land of Mushrooms, even though they aren’t technically classed as mushrooms. You can also grow your own. There has been a spike in sales of magic mushroom Grow Kits where you can watch a Tupperware magically come to life with the hallucinogenic fungi. If you are already a “grower” this is by far the most rewarding and economical method of experiencing the wonders of Psilocybin for yourself. Each kit comes fully prepared for cultivation with the user just needing to add water and make a few holes into the substrate. After making sure your spores are not in direct sunlight and are in a warm and humid ambience you only need to wait a couple of weeks until your mushrooms are ready for harvesting! It is a simple, complete process from start to finish. You can find out more on how to grow magic mushrooms and how best to prepare and consume them on the site and the best online shop to purchase grow kits, supplies and of course truffles and more importantly receive them discreetly is with over eleven years of providing a quality worldwide service. “Depression is now the largest cause of disability in Europe. There are many effective treatments but only about a third of individuals respond fully. At least 10% fail to respond to three different treatments. We badly need more types of treatment but we cannot pursue these because the government is denying scientists access to powerful tools that could help people in need. The regulations that govern researcher’s access to Class A drugs are totally inappropriate and harmful.”Prof David Nutt Here’s more about grow magic mushroom and psilocybe mexicana take a look at