Maharashtra mba cet 2013


Nov 8, 2012
Maharashtra MBA CET 2013 is all for those students who want to take admission in high quality colleges. Students from all parts of the country can take part into this common entrance test.In MBA CET 2013 there is no negative marking so students can fill all answers irrespective of the fear of negative marking.Sometimes if the student is lucky enough then one can surely pass this CET test. If you study hard then no one can stop you. There are a large number of colleges which count the score of this test.Based on the marks obtained one can get admission in high grade colleges.In maharashtra there are more than 400 colleges out of which 70 colleges are from mumbai. MBA CET is held every year in the month of februrary.Generally it held at the last sunday of february.MBA CET test duration is 150 minutes and 150*60=9000 the earlier said there is no negative marking so students can attempt all questions irrespective of the fear of deducting marks.There total number of questions are 200. So You can think less than 1 minute is given to 1 question as there are 200 questions and 150 minutes.So you have to plan how fast you can solve the question.If you struck anywhere dont give more than 1 minute to any question .Simply leave that. when you do revision then you can fill any one of the four questions. Don’t leave any question as there is no negative marking. Student can check there result on this website.