Makes your Holidays an Unforgetable Memories with Delhi Agra


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Sep 27, 2012
India is one of the places which attract tourists from around the globe because of its historic and natural beauty. There are many tours which are designed to see widely different facets of India to tourist from all over the world. Among them Golden Triangle Tour 5 Days is the one which sees through the year.Golden Triangle Tour includes 3 places of India. Delhi Agra (including Taj Mahal) and Jaipur. These tours last 6 to 8 days starting and ends at Delhi. These trips normally come in a package flights and Hotel price included in the same package. These trips run under the supervision of Tours and Travels organization they also provide escorts to accompany tourists and explain them the beauty of historic sites.They named Golden Triangle Tours because it covers three most beautiful places of the country Delhi (the capital of India), Agra (City of Taj) and last but not the least Jaipur (the land of Rajput Kings) and formed a triangular shape on a map. When you plan for Golden Triangle tour there are lots to prepare and you should know about all the three cities before leaving your place i.e. about climate of all three cities are located in North India and it is very important to understand the climate effectively to help you to plan for your trip adequately. Basically favorite time to travel north India is during winters which is from month of October to March and also consider as the peak season for tourist from all around the world. Now a days, slowly but gradually tourist are attracting toward India because of their colorful culture also called the incredible piece of land in the world. Some people might just travel to India to know about more about it and with this small trip of Delhi, Agra and Jaipur, you can easily get an idea about this beautiful country and after the completion of this small trip, you will start felling that why don’t you get a chance to stay in this wonderful land. Even we still have lots of foreigners are staying here from last many years and don’t want to go back to their home or to their own countries, so what you are waiting for, plan your trip to India as soon as you can. Allow yourself an opportunity of the Golden Triangle Tour with countless experience not only the wonderful sights but also to see flavor of the land, lifestyle and the people who are always looking to extend their love and hospitality.