Making Your Dreams Come True


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Sep 4, 2012
There is a difference between having a goal and manifesting. A goal is a particular result that is desired, but is usually narrow and limited to one area of a person’s life. Manifesting, on the other hand, means bringing that goal into reality with all aspects of ones’ being, and entering into co-creation with “the universe” or “the divine” to make it happen. Rather than just focusing on a particular goal – to be a yoga teacher, or a successful entrepreneur, or to meet your life-mate – focus instead on the entire state of being that you desire. To be a successful entrepreneur, for example, how would it feel in your body? How would it affect your relationships and friendships? How would it impact your financial life, and how would that difference show up in your daily life experience? It is important to paint a full picture for yourself so that you really know what it is – not just the particulars of the goal itself, but all of the aspects of the accomplishment. Doing this may take some time. Write it down, mull over it, let it unfold in your mind, until it is a crystal clear state that you can perceive palpably. At that point you are ready for action. But action may not be some linear step towards the goal. Once the whole picture is filled out, you may find that there are more ways to work towards your vision than you had thought of before. For example, part of your vision for business success may include spending more time with your romantic partner, or spending summers in Bali. You may find that those things also unfold more readily now that you have a clear vision, with or without that “goal” coming to be. And the more you can live as if the goal were already happening, the more you become ready for it to come true. Finally, be willing to do some deep work on yourself in order to be ready for your goals to come true. There may be real reasons that you are holding yourself back. Emotional wounds, unconscious fears left over from childhood. Be relentlessly curious about your inner workings, and use as many tools as you can to get free therapy (Aum meditation, family constellation work, pranayama, etc). Finding the state of flow you will need to have your dreams unfold depending on unpacking your karmic knapsack. You can indeed have everything you want, but the way you go about it may be quite different from what you imagine. Radiantly Alive uplifts your world through unique, top-quality and powerfully transformative yoga experiences. Radiantly Alive Yoga studio at Ubud, Bali offers Yoga Alliance registered yoga teacher training and yoga certification programs in tropical Bali and other locations around the world. If you are looking for yoga teacher training using the keywords, yoga Bali or yoga Ubud, visit us today at