Many Benefits of Jib Cranes and Other Types


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Sep 27, 2012
Cranes play a very important role in the construction and manufacturing sector. They are a kind of mechanism which is used to lift, move and lower heavy materials. They are mostly seen near the construction sites, junkyards, warehouses, scarp yards, factories and other such places. Cranes comes with the three major parts that includes hoist, wire and salves. During any construction project lifting a heavy object was a difficult task. But now with the invention of this lifting machine, contractors and engineers can easily move any objects or materials upwards, downwards or horizontally. With the advancement in technology, modern cranes are very powerful as they come with electric motors, hydraulic system and internal combustion engines. They are available in different types such as single girder, jib, goliath EOT, under slung crane and many more. They features and benefits are as follows:- Single Girder EOT – This type of crane is widely used in all kind industries. One of the major benefits of opting for this is that they are operated electrically. Single Girder HOT Cranes consist of several components such as one main girder, wire rope hoist with electric trolley and two end carriages. Investing in this type is a good option as it offers various benefits to the corporate. They are strictly manufactured as per the BIS standard and are also tested before they are dispatch. Compact design, brake system for stopping trolley, monorail structures are some of the silent features single girder cranes. Jib Cranes – These cranes are considered to be more versatile, flexible and useful than others. They come in various sizes and shapes. Jib cranes offer many advantages to your business. They are very compact and can be use in limited space. You will find hinges that are provided so that they can swivel within the room area. They are very useful for someone who wants to move heavy materials inside rooms or factories. Under Slung Crane – These cranes are mostly preferred by factories, warehouses and workshops in order to improve their overall production. Under slung crane comes with an updated technology that consists of two speeds in all drives and an independent moving push button. They are safe while handling and run very smoothly and efficiently without causing any to the operator. Companies big as well as small can opt for this type as they provide many useful benefits to them. Apart from all these, there are companies who also manufacture goods cum passenger lifts to meet the demands and needs of their clients. These lifts are design in simple way to suit low cost installations. They carry some of the unique features and safety measures. If you are planning to buy any of the cranes, the conduct a thorough Internet research before option for one. It is always important to search for a reliable and trustworthy service provider. Read blogs, reviews and testimonials to gain ample of information and details on the topic. This will definitely help to you select the one as per your needs. Sandeep Sukhija is the author of this article on Double Girder EOT Crane. Find more information, about Double Girder Crane here