Microsoft Security Essentials VS Norton


Oct 24, 2012
Microsoft Security Essentials is a free security system designed to work seamlessly with the windows operating system. While it does not have all the features of the paid versions, it does do what is says it will do well. On the other side of the fence is Norton AntiVirus which has maintained a lead in innovation. Basic enough to stay focused on the core issues, Norton also evolves each year to include changes in web behaviors that hackers are quick to latch onto.
Scope of Protection
Microsoft Security Essentials covers virus-detection, spyware, malware, keyloggers, and rootkits. Norton covers all the above and also scans email, IM, and social media networks and news feeds to ensure full protection to your computer and the other devices that are on your personal network. Effectiveness Microsoft Security Essentials has been tested by major independent labs and certified VB100, ADVANCED+, and so forth. For a free program it sits just below paid services on scores, only just below Norton, Kaspersky, and Panda. Only on windows XP did Norton squarely come out on top against this product, with the two running in a matched heat on Vista and windows 7 machines. Ease of Installation and Setup Microsoft Security Essentials installs quickly and smoothly even in malware infected situations. It will detect infections right away and pause to deal with the threat as needed during this process. To ensure that system keys are removed, several reboots may be requested. Norton is fast to install, runs silently in the background, and its cloud based format means it does not take system memory or hard drive space. Ease of Use Microsoft Security Essentials runs in the background and comes with a simple and easy to understand interface that clearly demonstrates the health of the computer and the security of the network. Use is a simple “choose option and click” operation. Silent operation from Norton is fairly well expected. Since Norton covers more then just the computer, it is important to note that it can detect how you are connecting with the Web and limit transmissions so that few extra fees are incurred when using it. Features Microsoft Security Essentials has some great features: automatic firewall toggling as needed network inspection malware protection anti-virus ad-free no bloat or extra “features” that would double what is already offered in window’s built in tool kit. Norton’s latest version offers: Anti Virus Anti Spyware Bot Protection Norton Pulse Updates Anti Rootkit Network Mapping and Monitoring Norton Reputation Service SONAR 3 Behavior Protection IM and email scans Social Media newsfeed monitoring Updates Microsoft Security Essentials offers daily updates. Norton uses Pulse updating that ensures every 5 to 15 minutes the system is brought up to date. Help Support Microsoft Security Essentials has an extensive self-help online library accessible in program. Norton offers 24/7 live customer support through live chat, telephone, or email in addition to in program self help manuals, online databases, forums, and virtual assistants.