Most common PC problems and how you can troubleshoot them: P


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Oct 3, 2012
PC problems are unavoidable. Whether you own a new laptop or have a decade-old PC at your workplace, you are most likely going to face some or other problem almost every day. In this blog post, we are going to highlight some such issues and will guide you on how you can resolve them. Slow Pc :  This is the most common problem that you may face. Slow PCs can severely affect your productivity. Here is what you should do when you think your PC is not running optimally: First, find out if your PC is actually slow. If the downloads are slow or if a specific website is taking time to download, it could be a broadband problem. Do a speed test to diagnose slow connection. If you think the problem is with your PC, diagnose the hard drive. It should have plenty of free space to let the system operate smoothly. If it is almost full, your PC will not work properly. It requires a lot of free space to create new files and operate smoothly. Clear some space and see if it is making any difference to its performance. If it boots slowly, it could be because of applications. Many of them have a default setting of getting launched when the system gets started. This could affect its performance. Trim the start-up items and uninstall unwanted applications. It Support Austin to clear the start-up items, press windows-R, type msconfig, and press enter. Disable the programs that you think are killing your PC’s performance. If you are not sure about an application, do not disable it. Contact your technician for help. For More Information Visit :