My Hair Transplant Story – Advice to people who are thinking


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Sep 11, 2012
I have always considered the physical appearance as essential in our modern lives. In general I play few sports and try to eat healthy but this did not stop my hair loss. I started losing my hair when I was about 28 or so. My pharmacist advised me to take herbal tablets and some other vitamins that could slow down hair loss, now, the question I asked myself repeatedly was, are these tablets helping my hair loss? Well, my partner told me she couldn’t see any difference.
Over time I lost more hair and it was becoming more more obvious to people around me. When I looked back at some old photos of myself I could plainly see my receding hairline, which made me vary self-conscious. So one day I went on the Google search engine and typed in the magic words “hair transplant” and boy was I surprised with what came up.
I finally decided to see two clinics in London (both offering free consultation) as I did not wanted to travel aboard for my hair transplant. So I made two appointments, one in the morning and the other in the afternoon. At my first appointment, the clinic told me that they only do Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) and why it was the best method. From looking at my head the consultant said that I needed about 1400 grafts. A few hours later we were at the second appointment, the patient coordinator explained that they only do FUT and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) was waste of a time and the results are not as good as FUT.
He also explained that FUE was a lot more expensive. We spent about 2 hours at this appointment, he answered all my questions and made me feel very comfortable about having hair transplant at their clinic. We talked about how the surgery will take place, the donor scar, and my donor density. A hairline was drawn to show where the 2000 grafts would go.
Now fast forward to 2014 after having a hair transplant I have decided to create my website to help you by giving my honest opinion about hair transplant and what questions you should be asking before your hair transplant. I have few hair products on my site that I highly recommend that you start using, Rogaine for Men, Nizoral Shampoo from Amazon and Biotin, MSM from Vitamin Shoppe as these products will help your hair loss.