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Sep 20, 2012
Hi! My name is Zdenek and I am the Boss and the only perpetual employee of this company. Founded in 1992 and since running reliably up to nowadays. All products coming out of my workshop are made from high quality ox-hide (leather) and entirely handmade. Over 2000 guitar straps have already come out during my engagement and if I can remember well – I haven`t had No Reclamation or Complaint.
I am big Fun of Rock`n Roll Music and that`s why most of my products are intent on this way. That is also the reason I decided to include several photoes of my beautiful encounters with rock stars in the INTRO.
I have already said. I produce myself with a great support of my out-standing wife who is in charge of color execution of the products. Thanx!
No more useless chatting, welcome on my web! On this page I would like to pride myself upon my succes. All these great musicians have the guitarstraps out of my workshop. 01.  Steve Vai
02.  Marty Friedman
03.  David Ellefson
04.  Dave Mustaine
05.  Ace Frehley
06.  Paul Stanley
07.  Gene Simmons
08.  Michael Schenker
09.  Vlasta Henych I managed to meet some of them in person and i am very proud of it! 10.  Simon Wright me
11.  Jack Russell me
12.  Craig Goldy me
13.  Michael Lardie me
14.  Don Powell me
15.  Steve Vai me
16.  Dave Mustaine me
17.  Nick Menza me
18.  Ronnie James Dio me This page will contain all details about ways of delivery and payment. The adress for written contact is:
Zdenek Stejskal
Puskinova 889/III
290 01 Podebrady
Czech Republic Delivery terms for all products are usually 14-21 days for Europe (exceptionally other), 21-35 days for U.S./Canada. Your special enquiries, please, refer to CONTACT. All details about postage according to the order (weight, amount, country.