Natural Remedies For Cough To Get Relief And Clear Chest


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Aug 24, 2012
Cough is formed when the mucus is accumulated in the chest. It leads to congestion. When the cold usually dries up, it leads to dry cough. The problem of cough can be also very painful. It is suggested to follow natural remedies to get rid of cough problem easily. These remedies are simple and when followed regularly show fast results. There are simple remedies like ginger tea that helps to solve the problem of cough. It should be included in the diet regularly for the best results. Ginger should be crushed and boiled in water. This should be consumed by adding one tablespoon of honey. It is the best solution for cough. It should be consumed thrice a day for results. It is highly recommended natural remedies for cough. Regular use will help to show the results in five days so it should be adopted in daily schedule. The use of aloe vera and warm water with honey is ideal. It has antibacterial properties. It helps to clean the mucus from the chest and clear the passage. The use of aloe vera is ideal to kill the bacteria and act as perfect medicinal remedy. It is known natural remedies for cough. It is suggested to use regularly for 10 days. The use of turmeric with granulated sugar is ideal to be consumed before going to bed. It has special properties to heal the throat and lessen the pain in the chest caused by cough. It should be used daily and it is effective solution as natural remedies for cough. The use of cloves crushed and consumed with honey is perfect remedy for cough. It helps to act as an antibacterial agent and fight against the cough. It pushes it out of the body and gives way for clear lungs and body. It is suggested natural remedies for cough. The use of lemongrass in warm water with one tablespoon of brandy is recommended to clear the throat and chest. It will help to remove the mucus from the chest and lessen the pain to a great extent. It is highly active natural remedies for cough. These remedies when combined together with good diet will help to show the results quickly. It is advised to avoid having oily and processed foods. This will only worsen the situation. It is also important to not have cold foods as this will worsen the problem more. It is healthy solution for the best effect on the body. Read about Cough Home Remedies. Also know Home Remedies For Cough. Read about 9 Safe And Best Home Remedies For Flu.