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Oct 30, 2012
According to Master of prophet, Bishop E. Bernard Jordan, the basic principals or the theory of prophecy is foundation of prophetic study. According to him theory of prophecy gives you the understandability of prophecy, in which you learn that how prophecy takes place in our mind? How old prophet used the power of prophecy? How efficient they were in communicating with God? After that you start recognizing the real prophecy. Knowledge, a motive, a spirit behind any work makes perfection; similarly, theory of prophecy gives you the knowledge, spirit, motive to be a prophet. The first prophet was Abraham who was referred as father of elect and friend of God, according to the history, his prophetic words were accurate for the people because he was able to talk with God. Moses was the next person in the bible who was favored to have personal communications with God and had the gift of prophecy. It was only Moses who made a unique theory of prophecy because during his time he was able to spoke and met face to face with God. After that prophecy changed according to time, years and centuries. Bishop E. Bernard Jordan, modern prophet of 21st century, wanted to teach you the theory of prophecy with “school of prophet” which was founded in 1986 by master prophet and it was started with the motive of training of prophets. He knows that what is prophecy and how to respect prophecy. According to him prophecy is the call of God to perform his work and his most important work is to motivate people towards holy living. Prophecy is the way to release people from all the sins, disease and depression. Prophecy is the big responsibility towards God and to perform this responsibility we should be trained. A false prophecy can’t be accepted because a prophet’s prophecy can’t be false even for once. You can make your own theory of prophecy after reaching the highest peak of prophecy like Bishop Jordan. A prophet is called to prophecy means a lot, it means he has the ability to communicate with God but a right method of communication is required to perform a true prophecy. In case, if you are not able to understand God’s message then your prophecy becomes a false prophecy. According to the theory of prophecy, Holy Spirit is the method of connection between God and prophet and this works if you are spiritually mature. That method of communication is taught by Bishop Jordan in “school of prophets” and now “Prophecology” is designed to explain basic principles of prophecy and the role of the new prophet of 21st century. Prophetic messages were written in the books of Joshua, judges, Samuel and kings so that they are called prophetic writers. Bishop Jordan is also a prophetic writer of 21st century because he wanted to spread the faith of God with words of God; his books are to motivate people towards holy living like laws of thinking, laws of prosperity and laws of attraction. Thank you for visit this article, You can have more knowledge about Theory of Prophecy just visiting by Bishop Bernard Jordan and Bishop Bernard