Open MDB files by rectifying the errors


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Sep 29, 2012
MDB files support the Microsoft Access Database by holding tables, fields, table rows, data entry forms and security settings in its interior. A minor discrepancy with MDB file can make the Microsoft Access database inaccessible. It is very difficult to open MDB files if they become corrupt because of these errors. The following are some ways because of which the MDB files can become corrupt. Abrupt System Shutdown This can also happen because of Jet Engine Error when the running database is closed suddenly. Improper shutdown, disk drive collisions, malfunction are some events where system gets abruptly shutdown. In such a case, the Jet Engine sets a error that the program is corrupt. Faulty networking devise A faulty networking devise can corrupt the MDB files without any requirement of Jet Engine. In this case, the Jet Engine can be only restored by replacing the hardware. Opening the MDB files in different format When a user creates a MDB file and tries to opens it in another file then it can get corrupt. It is very difficult to retrieve the MDB files in such a situation. Try this conventional method to open MDB files: 1.Create a copy of the damaged database table. 2.Store the structure only file of damaged database access table in a new table. 3.Simultaneously open both the tables so that you can compare both of them. 4.Go to the damaged database table, click Data sheet View then click View menu. 5.Press Control + A and select the entire record. 6.Click record selectors option available on the left side. 7.Scroll to Edit menu and Copy records from database table. 8.Open the newly created folder and paste the records in alike folder of the damaged database. 9.Select Paste option in the Edit menu. 10.Test the table after the copy-and-paste operation. 11.Quickly re-type the data which cannot be moved into the new table. 12.Create a new blank database in Access with a different name after the migration gets over. 13.Click Quick Access. 14.Migrate the damaged database to a new location. 15.Remove the .ldb files from the corrupted database. 16.Move the Access database to a new location. 17.Rename the repaired database with that of damaged database. Note: do not forget to test the recovered Access Database before returning the recovered MDB to production environment. Always keep a separate copy of the database unless it is fully recovered. This is a very difficult method to Open MDB file which are corrupt. A very easy method to open MDB files is Kernel’s MDB File Recovery tool. This tool can salvage the MDB files from any kind of error. This tool recovers the access database in two modes Advanced and Standard. It can open MDF files for recovering data objects like views, triggers, procedures, primary keys, foreign keys, auto numbers, field size, etc. Author The author of this article is a Senior Project Lead who has executed many projects in recovery software’s domain. He has explained some Access Database errors and mentioned steps to Open MDB files. With some Microsoft inbuilt utilities a user can open MDB. Share Bookmark on Delicious Recommend on Facebook Buzz it up Share on Linkedin Share via MySpace Share on Orkut share via Reddit Share on identica Share with Stumblers Share on technorati Tumblr it Tweet about it Print for later Bookmark in Browser