OST to PST Converter


Sep 12, 2012
The Offline Storage feature (OST) is a very helpful feature in Microsoft Outlook that lets the users view emails and messages while they are offline or not connected to any server. However, there are incidents where the user who wants to view the emails encounters certain errors or bugs. This is where the OST to PST converter plays a role. It is important to know what exactly the two file types are before delving into the techniques of converting them. OST and PST file types are used by Microsoft Outlook to store your emails, messages and various other items. A PST file is often used by Microsoft Outlook to store such information by default. This data file usually uses IMAP, POP3 and web-based mail accounts for storage purposes. In order to archive or back up email accounts, additional .pst files have to be created. The .ost file, on the other hand, as mentioned earlier, is a file type that is used when one wants to view the items online or access the default Cached Exchange Mode on Outlook. The file type is mostly used with accounts that have been created with Outlook Connector. The items that are in .ost file format are actually copies of items that are stored on a mail server. This allows the user with .ost file items to work with them when not connected to a mail server. However, when one does get a connection, the folder with the .ost files can be updated with the online folder which means that both of the folders are synchronized. Sometimes it becomes necessary to convert the OST files to PST file formats. There are two ways in which this can be done. One can convert the files either manually or using a software. In order to do it manually, one may use various techniques including, restoring exchange accounts, archiving, exporting to a PST, moving items to a new PST or forwarding by email. Restoring exchange accounts can be used to recover exchange accounts that one might have accidentally deleted. However, it should be kept in mind that it is only possible when one has a restore point supported by the operating system and the account has been only recently deleted. Archiving involves moving or copying a number of items in PST formats. The method does not work on contacts but it is still very effective if one has to move large amount of data. One can also simply export OST files to PST format, although not usually recommended. Also, it is easier to create new PST and drag the items one wants in that PST. Another alternative is simply to forward items to your personal email if the data is not very large. However, the manual methods do not work if the computer does not support a restore point or if one has completely lost access to the computer on which the OST was created. In such cases, various soft wares can be used such as IGEO OST to PST converter. This software comes with many useful features that aid the conversion process even better. Are you searching for the OST to PST converter , then Igeosoftware provides you the best OST to PST converter, which is a powerful application in saving the deleted files. Check the website igeosoftware , for more details.