Osteoarthritis: Knees suffer more injuries than other joints


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Sep 5, 2012
Knees are one of the most important joints of our body; it helps in giving proper support to the body. Even it provides mobility, which helps in moving. Thus, in a whole day, our knees face so much of pressure that after a certain age it suffers from different types of problems. The most common issue is arthritis, there are three types of arthritis which affects the knee joints- Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, and Post-traumatic Arthritis. Out of these three the most common one is Osteoarthritis; this problem is faced by many people, all over the world. In Arrow head Health, we offer different types of treatment facilities for this disease. Dr. West Mesa is one of the best experts in our pain management department. Many patients have got their normal lifestyle back, after getting treated from him. In Osteoarthritis, the patients face a lot of pain in the knees. This mostly occurs at the old age as with time the bones start to get damage.  Many people face the problem in only one knee and some faces it in both knees. It is true that our knees face the most of the injuries than any other joints in the body. From very early stage the knees start to face small wear and tear issues, which affect the muscles as well as the tissues. With high stress activities in our day to day life or the major or minor injuries, it is easy to get suffered from Osteoarthritis. Other than this, even some people face this problem due to normal aging. With age, the bone density and the mass of the muscles starts to get reduced which makes the joints more prone to the disease. Symptoms of Knee Arthritis Range of motion gets limited Pain while walking or sitting Stiffness in the joints Grinding or crunching sounds Intermittent or steady pain Swelling or tenderness These symptoms varies from person to person, some might feel the pain during the day time while some may fell the tenderness in the joints while waking up in the morning. With the researches, it has been found that most of the people who face the problem of Osteoarthritis are obese. Due to excess weight, they suffer with this problem. Thus, it’s very important to maintain a proper weight as only 10 pounds of extra weight can increase the pressure on the knees by 30-60 pounds. Studies have also found that women suffer with this problem more than the men. There is no proper cure for this thing, it is best to take proper steps in advance like go for walks or exercise so that excess weight is avoided. Include calcium rich food in the daily diet for keeping bones strong. Even proper shoes should be worn for reducing the impact of jerks on the knees. Thus, by keeping these things in mind, one can delay the problems of Osteoarthritis.