Overview of Continental Food in Dubai


Aug 29, 2012
If you have stayed in Dubai for over a year, you will notice that the continental food in Dubai restaurant’s menu changes with the change in season. The most popular continental food served in Dubai restaurants during the summer season is refreshing salads, whereas during the winter season delicious hearty stews are served with style. Most of the restaurants in Dubai make maximum use of the foods which are available in that season. Apart, from the main menu, there is a long list of special delicacies in the most popular restaurants of Dubai. The continental food items available for breakfast are toasted sandwich, fruit cake, banana bread, noodle cutlet etc. Vegetable stew, fried chicken, haggis etc. form the main cuisines of continental food. Some popular continental beverages are cold coffee, smoothie, and the most loved desserts are Christmas pudding, carrot cake, sorbet etc. Continental dishes do not require a lot of time for preparation and these dishes are easy to prepare. Preparation methods of continental dishes include grilling, baking, roasting and stewing. No meal is complete without sweet dish and when you think of Indian sweets, your mouth will surely start to water. Indian sweets are not only popular in India, but all over the world. Special preparation, unique and delicious taste, along with traditional touch has made Indian sweets popular and most craved for. Apart from being a delight for sweet lovers, Indian sweets have been successful in attracting more people towards them because of its uniqueness and variety. Some of the most mouth watering Indian sweets are tirangi burfi, gulab jamun, rasgulla, sohan papdi and so on. Indian sweets have lovable fragrance and mouth watering taste. They are mainly prepared from delicious and fresh ingredients which is enough to attract people towards them. Ras malai is an Indian sweet which is immersed in thickened, sweetened milk and is usually served chilled. The milk is flavored by spices such as almond, pistachio, cardamom and saffron strands. Among all the other popular Diwali sweets, Ras malai, is highly popular and is a dumpling made from cottage cheese. Apart, from Ras malai some popular traditional Indian sweets are Badam Sheera, Jalebi, Mitha Khaja, Chiroti, Badusha, Dal Sheera, Sweet Kachori, and Boondi. There are many Indian sweets shops opened in Dubai, hence selecting and ordering sweets has become trouble free and easy for the people of Dubai. Many of these shops offer flexible payment options, a huge variety of sweets and delivery and packing facilities. Each of the Indian sweets has distinctive odor and taste. Prior to you starting catering in Dubai, you must have a good knowledge about the region. You have to be prepared to do extensive research in the business sector which you aim to enter. Start preparing a viable business plan, which includes the forecast results, competition and market conditions. The process of catering in Dubai can be financially risky and complex, but when you do thorough research and analysis of the market, then you should find it easy. We are Serving a Wide range of continental food in dubai, North Indian food.