Performance And Capacity of VXA 2 Technology Compared With D


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Aug 22, 2012
You cannot leave your valuable corporate data at the mercy of viruses, hackers and natural catastrophes, as your future business success is dependent on this data. Furthermore, the government regulations and increasing amounts of vital business data have posed new stringent challenges for data administrators. That is why the companies are more focused on protecting their valuable data assets by creating their backups, and preserving them offsite. E-business applications have also migrated into medium and small businesses. Therefore, they need scalable, affordable, easy-to-use, durable and most importantly, automated backup solutions. The IT managers can enjoy all of these benefits with VXA tapes media technology. The ideal IT environments for VXA technology are medium enterprises, workstations, demanding workgroups and small computing systems. Scalable VXA generations enable companies to safeguard and manage the growing backup demands cost-effectively, while delivering the speed and performance to compete successfully in their respective industry. New breakthrough “data packet” technology has been incorporated in VXA format to help achieve scalable capacity, exceptional data transfer rate and far superior restore integrity. The VXA drive reads writes data onto the tape media in a similar way as the information is sent and received through internet. Exabyte VXA 2 tape technology delivers an impressive un-compressed 80 GB capacity. On the other hand, the VXA-1 technology offers an exceptional choice of four different capacities, which are 12GB, 20GB, 33GB and 40GB (un-compressed). Therefore, the VXA customers are provided ample capacity to fulfill their storage demands, and trouble-free scalability for future data growth. The market leading brands for VXA tape products are IBM and Exabyte. Data transfer of VXA2 drive in compressed mode reaches up to 12 MB/sec, thus facilitating the I.T staff to reliably record massive data amount of 160GB within less than 4 hours. VXA2 tape format delivers almost 180 times more restore integrity and 100% faster data speed than DDS4 tape technology at a comparable price. That is why VXA 2 solution is preferred by the data-intensive organizations. 20GB / 40GB data can be squeezed onto DDS4 tape. Exabyte uses AME (advanced metal evaporated) technology, which has helped to extend the working life of VXA2 media tapes. Working life of Exabyte VXA 2 tape is 500 uses, whereas the competing DDS tapes offers up to 99 uses. Offsite storage of backup media is a quality decision, as the organizations can seamlessly continue their business operations if the onsite data has been tampered or lost. Exabyte and IBM VXA tapes are ideal for off-site storage, as they feature a robust architecture and their outer cartridge shell is also very strong. VXA is indeed the best tape media standard in SMB segment. As SMB industry continues to flourish, a large number of tape technologies have been developed to fulfill its backup storage demands. A few of the popular backup solutions are DDS 1 tape, AIT 5 tape, LTO3 tape, DDS 2 tape, Travan tape, AIT4 tape, SDLT2 tape, LTO1 tape and DLT tape. Product and software names mentioned throughout this article are trademarks and are sole property of their owners. Rob Miller is the Marketing Manager of Tape4backup and markets vxa-1 tape and vxa 2 tape. He has vast experience in the marketing and trading industries and has been helping buyers who have the backup needs and guide clients about the technology. Rob Miller
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