Planning to invest in property? Cayman calls!


Oct 24, 2012
If property is the product you are planning to invest in, Cayman Islands is the place you should be planning to shift your eyes to. One of the hottest real estate zones, this place provides innumerable opportunities as far as real estate is concerned. The tax free income and profitability zone, an unmatched freedom to invest in property and the co-operative attitude of the widespread real estate agent and broker network coupled with the spectacular natural beauty in its infinity, all these characteristics make this place a prime location for investing in property and living on for a lifetime. The last few years have seen unprecedented growth in this area. The latest Camana Bay project is a standing example of how fast real estate here is progressing! Grand Cayman has already reached the pinnacle of the development cosmos and now, this place features a cosmopolitan crowd, a crowding up of some of most posh offices and bank head quarters and an utterly high standard of living. The population standards are supposed to rise all the more and as such, residential and commercial infrastructure are gaining pace for development. Value of residential property is on the rise. Increased tourism has also contributed substantially to the increased value of property. During a span of almost 5-6 years, in the past, there has been a huge inclusion of the internet media in the tourism marketing process. As such, the peripheries of the popularity of this Caribbean country has spread further around the world. More packages, more attractions, more activities, and longer vacations, all these factors have increased the time span that people spend on the islands. As such, properties for short term rents have gained popularity. Another core factor that enhances property investment benefits here, is that there is absolutely nil tax to be paid on capital gains! As such, if you invest in a property with the intention to rent it out, chances are, you would be bathed in great returns! A complete ROI does not take much time to get accomplished here. Many people come here for a long term period on jobs and when their job tenure fills out, they do not wish to leave the uninvented beauty and warmth of the islands. They decide to stay back permanently! Cayman Islands, boast of a constant high demand of property, both residential and commercial. Still more, lands are another option to invest in! The stamp duty that is supposed to be paid when a property is bought, is payable on the land only if a land is bought. Naturally, this is far less than the stamp duty that is payable on completed and furnished property. To add cherry to the cake, there is absolutely no time foundation within which a house needs to be built up on a land. Do it at your own pace without worrying about the title! Wish to invest in property? Obviously, no place is better than the Cayman and no time is better than now for investing!