Popularity of Cordyceps


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Sep 19, 2012
The Cordyceps fungus is known to be a very effective tonic and also an aphrodisiac. It is boomingly used as a supplement for the diet and nourishment or as a medicine. Due to the rapidly growing demand of this mushroom, it also tends to be a new income provider for rural people especially who cultivate it.
Origination and description of the species
Coming originally from the fungus ascomycete, it is a parasitic fungus and it lives on the larvae of moths and butterflies or scientifically speaking, lepidopterous. It mainly attacks those caterpillars which have the Thitarodes genus. Cordyceps Sinensis grows from about three thousand to five thousand meters above the sea level in cold and grassy meadows of alpine. The host insects are generally living underground in the mountains or plateaus and there they spend mostly three to five years as pupa. The Cordyceps Sinensis spreads its spores by wind on the soil and on the plants. When the caterpillar comes out to feed on the herbaceous vegetation, these larvae get absorbed. They may enter the body of the caterpillar from its mouth or from respiratory pores. Each metamere may contain around two of these fungi. After it has entered the host’s body, the mycelium ejected by the fungus fills the whole cavity inside the body of the insect, and then slowly it completely replaces the tissues of the host. The dead insect then turns yellow or brown coloured. The cylindrical fruiting body grows up and protrudes out from the insect’s forehead. It is usually five to fifteen centimetres long. The fungus tissue mass or commonly called as stroma has many small perithecia which contain the sacs producing spores called asci. The time period from spores dispersion to infection is around fourteen to fifteen days. The dry mushroom is three to ten centimetres of length. It is present in altitudes of four to four thousand five hundred metres. The mushroom is difficult to be seen since it is so small. Its cultivation requires a lot of patience as well as concentration.
Popular usage and advantages obtained
Cordyceps Sinensis is one substance that metamorphises between spring and summers. It is also referred to as summers grass winters worm. It is regarded as one of the top four plants to cure all diseases related to virility. They improve and enhance the physical strength. They boost up the energy of the body, increase the life span and also support the five body senses. The people treated with this drug showed remarkable improvement in case of intolerance to cold, frequent nausea, dizziness, fatigue, amnesia, etc. They are a source of biochemical and have very interesting pharmacological properties. Three to six grams per day of consumption has been used to treat patients who had acute renal failure. Their main components may include adinocine, uridine, uracils, hypoxanthine, thymine, etc. They are used in older population for improving the weakness caused because of aging. Cordyceps therefore have a lot of potential to be one of the most important drugs in medicine.
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