Potential Reasons for Various Misdiagnosis Negligence Claims


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Sep 10, 2012
This article shows that the patients should take care of them or their patients, while visiting the hospital as there are various potential reasons for the misdiagnosis negligence claims. Medical negligence is occurred due to various reasons like negligence on the part of doctor, medical staff or due to the faulty machines. But any medical negligence can cause severe consequences to the life or to the health of the patient. Even if you visit the dentist, you can have bad effect on your health due to impure equipments or you pass the risky surgical procedure, you may face the life altering affects on the patients also. The patients or their heirs can file the suit for the misdiagnosis negligence claims for the mistakes of the doctors or the medical staff, whatsoever, in the court of law. These misdiagnosis negligence claims can help to fix the responsibilities of the doctors or the medical staff, who attended the patient. In the previous times, there were various diseases, which were not developed fully with their full symptoms and doctors made mistake, but now there are latest machineries and equipments are available and diseases are readily diagnosed due to various test and exams of the patient. Now the medical negligence cannot be ignored and patients are right to lodge the misdiagnosis negligence claims in the courts for their sufferings. Delay in the diagnosis or treatment of the patients can cause injuries or damages done to the patient which ended into misdiagnosis negligence claims by the patient. There are various diseases which can cause threat to the life due to delayed diagnosis. Sometimes surgeons can do mistakes during surgery of the patient, infection or organ damage, failing of immune system can develop serious threats to the life of the patient, which cause the misdiagnosis negligence claims. In some cases, wrong site surgery is also noticed, which is serious negligence and failure of the doctors as well as medical staff. In the developing countries, there are various stories of wrong site injuries and various cases are filed in the courts for misdiagnosis negligence claims. This medical negligence is done due to non provision of medical or patient record. Sometimes during surgery, the anesthesiologist can also make mistake to administer the effects on the patient. If anesthesiologist does not check medical record of the patients, then this mistake can be happened. Failing in provision of anesthesia, various ailments can be happened resulting into increase in the misdiagnosis negligence claims against doctors and medical staff. The increasing numbers of misdiagnosis negligence claims in the courts show the negligence on the part of doctors or wrong working of machines or delay in the diagnosis and treatment of the patients. If a patient is not recovered then he or his heirs file misdiagnosis negligence claims rather than thinking it is medical negligence or the severity of the disease. Most of the doctors try to settle these misdiagnosis negligence claims outside the court to keep intact their reputation but in some cases, the patient claims high compensation for his sufferings. Incoming search terms: reasons for medical negligence?