Prevent Bed Bugs Through Pest Control


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Jan 21, 2013
Bed bugs are a great nuisance that keeps you from sleeping at night. These insects suck human blood. Although they do not harm the human health much, they are very irritating. They can cause rashes on the skin and disturb sleep. This problem is haunting humans since ages. Some tips are provided here by which you can control pests from entering your house and stopping them to irritate you. 1.     Inspect your House Properly In the first place, you should inspect all the places, especially the warm ones, in your house. Bed bugs are generally found in warm places. If you find bugs in your mattresses, sofa sets, pillows, carpets etc. then you have a bug problem and you need immediate pest control. 2.     Use Insecticides Insecticides could be used to exterminate bed bugs efficiently. Just buy a bottle of insecticide and spray it on your mattresses, furniture etc. Also, if you are not using some furniture in your house and it has been affected by bed bugs, get rid of it as soon as possible as bugs spread from a small part of a house to the whole house. 3.     Interceptors Interceptors are yet another ways for pest control. You can avail them at any pest control outlet. These are just like bed legs, they would get attached to the bed and trap bugs by moving up and down. 4.     Proper Cleaning You can make use of a vacuum cleaner to remove bugs from bed sheets, mattresses, sofa sets etc. Make use that your beds are not sticking to the walls. This would stop bed bugs from climbing to the bed. 5. Steaming Steaming is a popular and effective means to prevent bed bugs. For those bugs which could not be removed by dusting or vacuum cleaner, steaming is the only option. These kinds of bugs are located deeper in the mattresses, beddings etc. the minimum temperature needed for bug removal is 113 degree Fahrenheit. Maintain steam at this temperature and just apply all over the bug affected areas.