Protect Yourself With MedicoAV Antivirus


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Aug 27, 2012
As a journalist, a powerful antivirus protection is important for me to ensure that my files will not be infected and my work will not be disrupted because of virus attack. I do my research online, I write my articles on my laptop and I also do my transactions on the Internet. I had another laptop before this one, which got infected by virus for some reason. I thought that I was protected with my computer security protection but I was not. It was a huge inconvenience as my computer got corrupted and I didn’t have access to my files, which I needed for work. I had to hire a technician to restore my files since I badly needed them but my laptop kept having problems since then so I decided to get a new one. This is the reason why choosing the right antivirus is important for me. I learned about this promising antivirus called MedicoAV, which is about to be made available to the public in a few months. The site is already running though the download options are not yet active. But you can check it out to find out more about the product by going here: I believe that this is going to be the next best thing in the world of antivirus because of the customized protection that it promises to bring to an individual user, as well as to enterprises. The MedicoAV Group, which is the developer of this antivirus product, is focused on developing powerful antivirus with the use of cutting edge technologies that would effectively block viruses and protect files and personal information whether online or offline. It is not impossible that time will come that this company would be as successful as popular antivirus protections like AVG. What I like about it is that it comes with different packages available including the free version, the pro and pro+. Of course, while the free version can effectively block viruses, the pro and pro+ versions are more advanced and they offer technical support. Since I would be using a reliable antivirus program to protect my computer, I would personally go with the paid version for more features, extra protection and technical support. This is another thing that separates this product from other antivirus programs. The experts behind it are always ready to provide help to clients. This gives me more peace of mind knowing that whatever happens, there is a professional that can help me in case I need assistance with the product. They have their contact information on the contact page of their site. It gives different options on how to contact them, which is great as you can choose the most convenient way for you on how to get in touch with them. There is the online form that you can fill up to send them your queries or concern. You need to enter your name, e-mail and your message on the appropriate fields. Company name is optional.