PST Unlocker: A Tool to Unseal Password Protected PST Files


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Sep 13, 2012
Summary: The article discusses the need for password protected outlook data files and how can we unlock these password protected file manually or using PST Unlocker tool. Outlook is the most commonly used personal information manager in many organizations. This allows user to manage emails, tasks, calendars, journals, etc. officially as well as the personally.MS Outlook stores its database as Personal Storage Tables. Personal Storage Tables is abbreviated as PST and maintains the file extension as .pst. Outlook provides various facility to set password protection over the PST files. And, Many of Outlook Users use this password protection facility to protect their emails and other documents from unauthorized users. Sometimes a forgotten password may put the users in trouble also. Anyway, let’s see how user can remove password from PST during certain scenarios. Why People Maintain a Password Over their PST? Since Outlook is personal manger application its database PST files mostly contain personal or corporate documents supporting the organization. So, these are the delicate and the authorized database files. Unauthorized access may trouble the confidential activities. Passwords often provide a medium level protection to the database. The selection of the password determines the security of documents from dictionary attacks to an extent.  Always try to choose the password as a combination of characters, symbols and numerals. The Password can be easily set from the account settings. Need for the Removal of a Password Yes there are certain scenarios where password puts you in trouble. Let’s see some of the instances where password is a burden to the user. It is often hard to remember passwords, Most of the individuals may be owning multiple passwords over various documents. Sometimes lost or forgot passwords may prevent you from accessing the documents. The most common scenario in many digital investigations cases is that the case supporting evidences may be a password protected PST. Form digital forensic investigators point of view; investigators need to break the passwords to collect the evidence these documents. PST Password Unlocking Techniques The unlocking of the PST files can be done by various ways. It can be done manually set or reset from account settings of Outlook. For manually removing password form Outlook data file select change password option from account settings of Outlook. Then provide blank spaces in the space provided for new password. This removes password from the PST file but, possible only if the current password is known. What if the password is lost or forgot? Alternative solution is possible with two exe files namely scanpst.exe and pst19upg.exe. Using this we can the password from a PST. The steps to be followed are described below. Note: Always Create a backup copy of the PST and work on the password protected File. (1) Exit MS Outlook. (2) Run scanpst.exe on the password protected PST file. (3) Choose repair option while running scanpst.exe application. (4) From Command Prompt do “C:/My Documents/pst19upg.exe” -x outlook.pst This will help you to create a copy of the original protected PST ‘outlook.pst’ as ‘outlook.psx’ file. (5) Use pst19upg.exe -i outlook.psx command This helps you to create a password free PST file from the newly created PSX file. Again run scanpst.exe utility on recovered PST file. This helps you to access the PST from outlook without any password. It is important to use the full path to pst19upg utility. However this PST Unlocker method does not work if the PST is in Unicode format. This method is applicable only for ANSI PST files. Moreover to run the utility the disk should maintain free space at least equivalent to 3 times the size of the PST file. Smarter Solution The manual methods may not satisfy the user needs at certain situations. So always opt for a better smarter solution. PST Unlocker is a simple trust worthy software capable to unlock Outlook PST password. The tool works with both Unicode and ANSI PST files also, recovers the PST contents without any corruption. Author Bio: We do our research in finding solutions to data recovery and management issues. We have several products to recover and repair corrupted, damaged or inaccessible files. PST Unlocker tool is one of our prominent solution to recover PST files out of passwords. Incoming search terms: How to unlock password protected pst file