Quantum DDS-6 Backup Tape System; Investment That Is Worth Y


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Sep 13, 2012
Quantum is one of the biggest names in the Information Technology industry. It comes as no surprise when one hears that Quantum has one of the largest market shares in the IT market. Quantum has been providing nothing but the best products to their customer which is why there is a high degree of brand loyalty. When speaking of products from Quantum it is essential to mention Quantum DAT-160 tape part number MR-D6MQN-01. This product is a DDS (Digital Data Storage) tape and is used for backing up data all around the world. The market segment for this product is small and medium businesses. Quantum DAT-160 tape part number MR-D6MQN-01 provides impressive data storage capacity of 80 GB raw data. It has 2:1 ratio storage for compressed data, which means it can save up to 160 GB of compressed data. When one learns about such high storage capacity he or she automatically assumes that such high storage capacity means compromised processing speed.Quantum DDS-6 tape proves this assumption wrong by providing an astonishingly high processing speed of 13.8 Megabytes’ per second. Managers of IT departments not only in United States but all around the world recommend and prefer Quantum DDS-6 tape because of this impressive processing speed. It allows them fast access time to the desired media along with an elevated rate of data backup, around 50 Gigabytes’ per hour. Getting into further details of the potentials of the tape it is observed that Quantum DDS-6 tape can obtain 125,000 MTBF. These features clearly make Quantum MR-D6MQN-01, DDS6 media tape is a better backup medium than other types of tape technologies. When managers are choosing a backup medium they compare storage capacities and processing speed of tapes. However these two components are not the only two determinants of their choice. The price of the tape is of utmost importance. Manager’s choice of backup medium relies heavily on the price, because whatever tape they choose to employ they will have to purchase it on regular basis.So if they go for a heavily prices tape this would mean a greater weekly, monthly or annual expenditure (based on how often your business needs to replace the tape). Quantum understand this very well which is why it makes sure that its products are reasonably priced so that it makes s superior option for IT managers not only terms of efficiency but also price. Quantum DDS-6 backup tape also allows for backwards compatibility, which means if your business has already installed an older version of Digital Data Storage technology you can upgrade it to DDS-6. The Base film of the tape is of premium quality and includes a higher number of tracks for data. This feature makes sure that there is absolutely no disruption during the process of data backup or restoring. The storage life of Quantum DAT-160 tape part number MR-D6MQN-01 is around 30 years. This makes it a long term investment made by the business and of course an investment that was worth your money. Mark Paul is the Marketing manager of odsi and publis article on DDS 2 media tape and MR-D6MQN-01. Mark Paul
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