Reasons abortion is right for you


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Sep 12, 2012
Did you know that diseases can affect the health of your child? If you find yourself suffering from a serious disease, it is important to enquire if it will have any serious affect on your child. If you are within the first trimester and contract a disease that will affect your child’s health, it may be best to go for an abortion. However, how do you know that the disease will affect your child? There are various medical conditions that can deem that abortion is necessary for you. Speaking to the doctor or a specialist is necessary in the case of abortion as it may affect your health to a great extent. Following are some of the reasons that state that abortion may be the right decision for you. Cancer: If a pregnant woman is diagnosed with cancer during the pregnancy time then it may be life threatening for her. Cancer requires urgent treatment where the use of harsh chemicals and proper therapy is needed which can be dangerous for the baby. Viral disease: If a pregnant woman gets a serious viral disease during pregnancy like chicken pox, swine flu, etc. then she may need to terminate the pregnancy. In chicken pox, the virus tends to remain the body for 3 months or so that can infect the baby. Birth defects: If the ultrasound or scan can tell a mother, that a child has some serious defects which may affect his or her quality of life then abortion may be necessary. Sometimes, the mental health or physical health of the child is not proper which can be detected with the help of various medical machines. Personal issues: If a woman is not ready for pregnancy and is not able to take care of the child because of insufficient funds or some personal problems, then she may decide to abort. Impeding miscarriage: Sometimes the woman’s body is not strong enough to hold the baby inside. The womb may be weak and it may end up with a miscarriage. To avoid medical emergencies in such situations, abortion may be necessary. HIV: If the woman is diagnosed with HIV or some other sexually transmitted diseases which may affect the quality of life of a child, then she may need to end the pregnancy. You can take in abortion pills should you decide to undergo abortion as they are the fastest and easiest way to undergo abortion. Are you looking for Medical Abortion Services? Please visit our website for more information: Abortion.