Right trade show display makes you shine in the U.S. trade f


Sep 14, 2012
Trade Show Display is a direct and powerful advertising process which gives an indication of the company’s image, leaving remarkable first impression on the audience. It is directly connected with the expectation of the customer on the product and the services offered by the exhibitor. For making any trade show display a hit, initially exhibitor must address the aim of participation; objectives to be met; size of the event; kinds of participants like international, national, regional or local; type of image and messages to be projected; budget of the show according to the requirement; available lighting in the U.S. trade fairs plus terms conditions of exhibiting. After addressing the aforesaid steps, it is of utmost importance to select or shortlist the type of trade show display. Various types of displays are Portable exhibit, Modular display, Custom Modular exhibits, Kiosks, Towers, Table-Top Displays and Pull-up Stands. Selection of display booth type depends upon the company requirements, nature of the show and the goals one want to achieve. Factors such as type, size, design and configuration of display booth, helps in making a Smart Intelligent selection of the exhibit display according to one’s need. In this stage one must also decide whether to buy out or go for the U.S. rentals display exhibits. TYPE: Several types of displays are available in the market ranging from Portable display booth, Modular exhibit, Custom Modular booth, Pop-up exhibits to Custom displays, etc. SIZE: It can be Linear displays – 10X10, 10X20, 10X30 etc. It can be Small Islands – 20X20 It can be Large Islands – 20X30, 20X40, 30X30, 30X40, etc Or Pavilions. Design Configuration: This includes all the nitty-gritty factors that needs to be addressed in context to the design of the display booth like: whether booth will have closed meeting room or open meeting area; will the meeting area be a lounge; how many product display units are needed and what type; is interactive work station needed, if yes then how many; type of graphics and the message communicated; does the booth need a presentation area; what kind of lighting effects are needed etc. Selection of the type of display is followed by researching and choosing the right company as a service provider for designing and taking care of other related activities and delivery of chosen exhibit display to fulfill the expectations and requirements of the exhibitor. The company should be able to provide industry expertise, thorough consultation, wide selection choice, consistent track record of on-time delivery, guarantee the work in writing meets the budget requirement, has the skills to effectively communicate and serve the demands. The best way to make a choice can be selecting some companies in ongoing events, where the actual work and caliber of the display companies can be seen and judged. Also logistics of the display exhibit must be worked upon as it may cost a lot if not worked out properly; specially when it comes to participating in the U.S. exhibitions. Beautiful and attractive banners grab visitors’ attention and draw them into ones’ stall. While finalizing the banners or graphics one should be sure about the clear visibility of company’s name or product’s name, features and traits should be large enough and easily readable. Message on the banner should not be long and confusing, short and direct messages makes the best impression because time is the most important and unavoidable constraint during such events.