SAT practice test


Aug 27, 2012
Our SAT practice test directory has all the top quality free resources that you will need to get a great score on your SAT.  We have links and reviews of all the best practice test websites.  We also include the best sites for SAT vocabulary, essay questions, essay strategies, math practice, grammar practice, critical reading, and study guides. SAT Practice Tests:
Official Practice Test.  This is the test published by the College Board.  You should definitely give this one a try.  The online version is available with free registration. Free Sample Questions.  A large selection of SAT multiple choice questions from the College Board.  Answers and thorough explanations included. SAT Web Test.  This is a great free site from McGraw Hill.  There are two complete SAT practice tests here with interactive scoring and very clear explanations. I Need a Pencil.  This site has 2 full practice exams, hundreds of interactive practice questions, and 60 lessons in math, reading, and writing.  You will need to register, but registration is free and only takes a few seconds to complete. SAT Vocabulary:
1000 Most Common Words.  This is a great list from Sparknotes of the most common SAT vocabulary words.  A definition and sample sentence for each one. Power Plus Vocabulary.  These interactive vocab tests are a perfect way to learn new words.  There are 84 lessons with 10 words for each lesson. Vocab Quiz.  Awesome vocabulary quiz from Study My English.  You can choose to select the definition or select the word.  Three difficulty levels. Word Lists.  Twenty word lists with 100 words each.  Includes definitions. Vocab from A to Z.  An SAT word list for every letter of the alphabet. SAT Math Practice:
Full Length Math Practice Quizzes.  An awesome collection of math practice questions from Erik Jacobsen.  Practice quizzes with varying difficulty and all with complete explanations.  There are also specific quizzes for math formulas, vocabulary, strategies, and functions.  Also check out his SAT Math Guides. Practice Math Tests.  These interactive math quizzes from are very helpful.  Includes 24 tests with 10 questions each. Analyzemath SAT Practice.  Four math tests with over 100 practice problems.  Includes answer keys and detailed explanations. SAT Math Practice Exam.  I highly recommend this 50-question test from  The questions are excellent and the explanations are detailed.  Before you take it you should review their 50 math tips.  These tips are great and each tip also includes a series of related practice problems. SAT Critical Reading and Writing:
Critical Reading Practice Tests.  A huge collection of SAT Sentence Completion practice tests and Reading Comprehension practice tests. Critical Reading and Writing Practice Exam.  This SAT practice test from has 50 questions along with thorough explanations.  Before you take this test you should review these 50 critical reading tips.  These tips are very informative and each tip includes a whole series of related practice questions. SAT Grammar Practice.  These multiple choice grammar questions are just like those on the SAT writing section.  Eleven practice quizzes will test you on identification of sentence errors, sentence correction, and editing in context. SAT Essay:
Beat the Essay.  An awesome essay writing guide from Sparknotes.  Detailed writing strategies along with two SAT sample essays Essay Writing Guide.  This guide from ProProfs has many strategies and tips for excelling on the SAT essay. College Board Tips.  Essay directions, scoring information, strategies, and tips on effective writing. Tips and Tricks.  This goofy YouTube video from mindfish actually has some excellent advice on answering your SAT essay question. Kaplan Essay Video.  This video has some nice tips on structuring your essay by writing a strong thesis statement and good topic sentences. About the Exam:
The SAT is a college entrance exam that measures a students knowledge of reading, writing, and mathematics.  Students usually take the test in their Junior or Senior year of high school, and virtually all colleges factor SAT scores into their admissions criteria. The SAT exam format:
Total time for the test is 3 hours and 45 minutes.  There are 10 sections and these are each timed separately. Writing: Essay Questions (25 minutes) Multiple Choice (25 minutes) Multiple Choice (10 minutes) Critical Reading: Multiple Choice (25 minutes) Multiple Choice (25 minutes) Multiple Choice (20 minutes) Mathematics: Multiple-Choice and Student-Produced Response (25 minutes) Multiple Choice (25 minutes) Multiple Choice (20 minutes) Variable: Unscored Multiple Choice (25 minutes) The essay section always comes first on the on the exam and the 10 minute writing multiple choice section will always be the last section.  All of the other sections vary in order from test to test.