Secure Denture Use with Mini Implants


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Aug 20, 2012
The loss of several or all teeth significantly affects the form and function of a smile. Losing a few natural teeth will make the smile look incomplete, and can affect the way a person speaks, eats, and chews on food. The loss of all the natural teeth will instantly make one look much older, and will make it harder for a person to go about daily tasks in a normal manner. Dentures provide a quick solution to these missing teeth problems by replacing the form and function of the lost teeth. The removable teeth restorations are created to comfortably fit inside the mouth; however, with long-term use of dentures, the comfortable fit will eventually deteriorate. Removable dentures eventually lose their comfortable fit, precisely because of their removable nature. Tooth loss results to the gradual deterioration of the jawbone. As the years go by, the jawbone becomes thinner, resulting in alteration of the way the once-comfortable dentures fit inside the mouth. The tight fit of dentures will be lost with the passage of time, as the jawbone (and gums) that support the removable teeth restorations will start to lose their healthy shape and structure. Dentures that once brought confidence may start to be the source of embarrassment and discomfort, once they become ill-fitting. Mini implants offer an ideal solution to loose denture problems. This type of dental implants are used to secure the dentures or dental bridges in place, so that wearers will not have to worry about their replaced teeth falling off in the most embarrassing manner. A denture wearer’s confidence will be restored with the knowledge that teeth will be held securely in place, without surprising movements in the most inappropriate times. Mini implants also make the use of fixed dentures or a dental bridge more comfortable, for the teeth restorations will be held firmly in place and will not rub painfully against the inner mouth parts. Mini dental implants are placed into the jawbone, providing a secure base where the dental bridge or fixed dentures will be attached to. This secure attachment ensures that the replaced teeth will not move around uncomfortably and embarrassingly inside the mouth. The smaller diameter of mini implants are ideal for patients who have thin jawbones resulting from jawbone deterioration – which is a problem that results from the loss of the natural tooth roots. The mini dental implant treatment is done using a minimally-invasive procedure – and without the use of more complicated steps such as a bone grafting procedure, prior to the actual placement of the implants. Dr Azhar Sheikh, founder of Life Dental Implants, is one of the UK’s most experienced dentists specializing in implant treatments. His unique approach to dental implant treatments takes into account not only your teeth, but your overall well-being as a person. Whether you are looking for cheap dental implants, dental implants London or just want to know dental implants cost, visit our clinic today.