Secure The Data Assets of Small Businesses With HP LTO 2 C79


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Sep 17, 2012
The demand for backup storage solutions has increased dramatically, as the data retention laws have become more stringent. On the other hand, the data is also vulnerable to hackers, natural catastrophes and virus attacks. Loss of sensitive organizational data means lost revenue, and even leads to total business failure. That is why backup storage is considered as one of the most important strategy in a reliable disaster recovery program. LTO ultrium tape has solidified its position as the most economical and dependable tape media solution that offers multi-vendor interoperability. HP Hewlett-Packard and other tape media giants IBM and Seagate (now Quantum) co-invented this breakthrough LTO technology. HP’s comprehensive range of LTO devices (libraries, tapes and drives) are the IT manager’s first choice for long term storage and regulatory compliance needs. HP LTO ultrium2 solution offers medium and small companies the best mix of performance, affordability and low operational cost. Higher data amount of 200 GB / 400 GB can be backed up on HP LTO ultrium 2 tape. Its capacity has been increased by 100 percent, as compared to LTO1 backup tape. Therefore, the backup storage can be easily met with fewer LTO2 ultrium tapes and lesser space will be needed to store them. HP ultrium 448 is an intelligently designed LTO2 drive, which is the ideal for the mid-range SAS and SCSI based servers. The compact 5.25 inch form factor facilitates the users to stack more drives within your space-constrained office environment. External, rack mount and internal ultrium-448 drive models fit perfectly to a variety of computing systems. Reliably backup your data with HP ultrium 448 drive that achieves a remarkable 173 GB/hr compressed throughput speed. So the IT staff can easily keep pace with the fast business applications and quickly complete high volume backups. 64MB data buffer has been employed in ultrium-448 drive to help boost the transfer rate and ensure uninterrupted storage/retrieval tasks. Five successive LTO tape versions have made HP LTO technology the optimal solution for multi-functional data centers and demanding backup environments. The users of HP LTO ultrium2 technology can handle the increasing backup demands by migrating to the next HP LTO generations, without losing grip on previous LTO resources. Part number of HP LTO3 and HP LTO4 tape are C7973A and C7974A respectively. HP LTO ultrium technology provides trouble-free scalability, thus facilitating the fast-paced businesses to efficiently manage the exploding data volumes. Backup demands of enterprise-class applications, complex workgroups, management information systems and mid-sized businesses can be fulfilled at the best price with HP LTO5 tape format that offers 1500GB/3000GB capacity. “Dynamic data rate” is an innovative functionality that speeds up the backup operations and prevents interruptions caused by fluctuating in-coming data rate. The HP ultrium448 drive matches and adjusts its speed accordingly with the data rate of host. With HP LTO ultrium format, the companies can be assured of a solid, reliable and scalable backup system capable of handling high-duty cycles and tough working conditions. Product and software names mentioned throughout this article are trademarks and are sole property of their owners. Rob Miller is the Marketing Manager of Tape4backup and markets hp lto 2 tape and hp lto 3 tape. He has vast experience in the marketing and trading industries and has been helping buyers who have the backup needs and guide clients about the technology. Rob Miller
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