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Sep 3, 2012
What would you think if I told you there is a company out in Ventura County that can fulfill both your security and communication needs? Wouldn’t you be interested in finding out more about us and services that we can offer? Well, this is the case of Dial Security and Dial Communications, one company that has managed to create and establish a reputation in both phone systems and security systems, taking care of its customers and providing reliable customer support. Perhaps you are wondering what types of services and products that Dial Communications can provide? Take a look at this following list and then check their website for further details: Business or Residential Security Systems. Video camera monitoring technology. Digital video camera recording. Security guards and regular Patrol guards. Close circuit T.V systems Business and Residential Phone Systems. Business Radio Systems. The telephone system that Dial Communications will install comes with QSIG networking capability, Voice Mail, SIP phone integration, automatic call distribution and too many other features to list here. There are many companies that present similar services on the Internet, and it is truly normal that you might ask yourself: “What company can do the best job for me?” What does Dial Security or Dial Communications have to offer me that other companies cannot? When it comes time to choose a new telephone system, you should know upfront that Dial Communications is a Toshiba American authorized dealer, and you will be offered only products from Toshiba. Reliable, and overqualified to fulfill all of your business communications needs, Toshiba phone systems are ‘top-of-the-line’ for power and reliability. Your new phone system will be installed by Toshiba trained technicians and you will be offered all the assistance or support that you require. By choosing a professional company such as Dial Communications – , that has been in Ventura county for over 25 years, you will be assured of fast efficient service as well as the use of advanced technology. Your decision to hire the services of Dial Security should be based on what you and our sales staff agree that you actually need and also what type of business you have. You can always consult with our Dial Security sales staff and ask for a more detailed description of our services and products. Together, you will be able to come up with a telephone system or security system that is powerful, flexible, and suited to your business or home. As for security systems, Dial Security can bring to you what other similar companies can’t match – a local central office monitoring facility. This allows constant monitoring and supervising of your property with the help of our trained monitoring staff. If you install digital video cameras, and connect them to your Internet – you’ll even be able to monitor your own property for yourself, no matter if you are in France, Hawaii or wherever it is that you have to travel. Is modern technology great or what? Copied with permission from: