Server Racks to Improve Cooling


Oct 18, 2012
There are many companies now that are using servers to store large amounts of data these days and with these servers providing file storage and transmission of data comes the risk of overheating and the possible problems that may arise from this. An overheating server can occur when the workload is too much and this can cause the transmission of data to become slow or even lead to possible loss of the server system itself. A server system which is compromised by overheating issues may not show any signs of damage at first but after a while these issues can slowly become a big problem. A server will perform better when the temperatures are regulated and properly ventilated. The first issue to this problem can obviously be using air conditioned rooms which will keep the servers cool while they are stored in them. This will help to keep the servers temperature down but there will still be areas on the server where the air flow does not reach. This issue can be controlled even more with the use of a server rack, also known as a network cabinet these storage methods can improve the servers performance by greatly improving the air flow. The server racks do this by providing storage space which is better at circulating the air flow and regulating the temperature. The server racks do this through the use of perforated doors and vacuum vents on the panels, which allow the hot air to escape from the server rack while the air flow is circulated with the use of fans which can be mounted to the server cabinet. Air flow is essential when it comes to computer hardware and servers, like with any system air is normally circulated from the front and vented out the rear. The use of a server rack will greatly increase the air flow a server can get allowing the server within the server cabinet to maintain a cool temperature constantly. The use of a server rack for storage is the best way to increase the life of a server and make sure that errors never have the chance to arise. There are a number of server rack suppliers available to provide you with better ways to increase the life of your server.