Side-Effects of Abortion: A Look


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Oct 3, 2012
Abortion is becoming increasingly common in places all around the world with many women deciding not to have a child due to innumerable reasons. Though there are many ways to carry out safe and legal abortions both at home or in the hospital, there are certain other effects that a woman might experience with the degree differing from woman to woman. The physical side effects • The first side-effect of after the process is excessive pain in the stomach followed by heavy bleeding. When an abortion takes place, the uterus walls begin to shed, and this results in the bleeding. • Another common side-effect is infection or a low-grade fever which may occur in cases where the woman is weak and has not recovered from the abortion completely. • When the uterine cavity experiences a collection of blood retention, it is known as Hematrometra which is a side-effect of abortion. Some women may experience perforation in the uterus or bladder and bowel injury. • Many a times, some products of conception get retained in the uterus and may have to be removed separately. The emotional side effects • Many women lose all pleasure from intercourse or develop an aversion to sex after being done with the process. They relate sex and intercourse only to pregnancy and feel scared that they might become pregnant again and might have to undergo the process if it happens. • Some women develop a promiscuous life-style. The woman often fails to be committed to a single partner and becomes sexually active with many men at the same time. The psychological side effects • Due to the loss of the child, the woman feels guilty and blames herself for the mishap. These often make her depressed or commit suicide if she cannot overcome the guilt. Family members, especially the husband, need to be very supportive to such woman to help them recover. It is important to consider all the effects of abortion before deciding to really go through it. Understand the emotional and psychological effects well. Understand what needs to be done. If you are the partner of the woman, ensure that the woman is able to communicate all her needs to you properly. Also, make sure that you understand the different emotional effects and accommodate the wishes of your partner. After all, it’s better to be safe than sorry, isn’t it? Looking for a Late Term Abortion Clinic ? Please visit our resource for more information: Abortion Pill Clinic.