Simple Tips To Reduce Swelling Of Hemorrhoids


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Aug 24, 2012
When it comes to treatment for preventing hemorrhoids from getting worse, it is important that steps should be taken to reduce the swelling associated with this health issue. It is recommended that healthy bowel habits should also be maintained from preventing this health issue from worsening. To reduce swelling of hemorrhoids, herbal remedy called as Pilesgon capsule can help. Why Pilesgon capsules reduce swelling? When it comes to external hemorrhoids, the swelling outside the anus will prevent patients from even sitting properly. When it is associated with pain and irritation, the condition will be even worse. But, when Pilesgon capsules are taken regularly for a period of 3 to 4 months continuously, the effective anti-inflammatory properties of the herbal ingredients will bring down the swelling to make the patient comfortable. Here are the details about the ingredients added to these capsules to reduce swelling of hemorrhoids: Nagkesar: Do you think that this herbal ingredient in Pilesgon capsule will help in reducing inflammation alone due to its anti-inflammatory properties? No, in addition to bringing this effect, this ingredient has antifungal and antibacterial properties as well. These properties will help in fighting against bacterial and fungal infections in the wounds associated with piles. In addition, it will help in curing internal infections in wounds. Haritaki: Apart from its effectiveness in reducing swelling, this ingredient is a purgative, astringent, laxative and rejuvenating remedy as well. Laxative is important for addressing constipation, which is stated to be one of the important factors contributing towards piles. It can also treat intestinal worms. It can also help in reducing obesity as obese and overweight individuals are known to get piles as compared to those maintaining a healthy weight. It can treat many other skin problems as well. Not just to reduce swelling of hemorrhoids, it is helpful for its cleaning properties as well. Rasaunt: This is another anti-inflammatory ingredient with anti-bacterial properties. It can provide relief to dysentery, which is another factor contributing towards piles in some people. It can act as an excellent blood purifier. It is anti-diabetic and will help in weight reduction as well. In addition to herbal ingredients with anti-inflammatory properties to reduce swelling of hemorrhoids, Pilesgon capsules are made up of other ingredients to address issues like pain and burning sensation, constipation and digestive issues. In addition, they have ingredients that can tone the muscles to improve the elasticity of anus, so that the discomfort in evacuating will be removed slowly with regular use. Apart from these things, it has ingredients to improve the blood circulation in the body and also to improve energy level in patients with this health issue. Problems solved by Pilesgon capsules: 1. Of course, it will bring down the swelling 2. It can address infections 3. It can provide relief to irritation, itching and burning sensation 4. It can provide relief to both internal and external piles and both bleeding and un-bleeding piles. So, not just for inflammation, but also for many other issues related to piles and for getting complete relief from hemorrhoids, these capsules can be used by men and women. Read about Hemorrhoids Herbal Treatment. Also know Piles Natural Cure Remedy. Read about Hemorrhoids Bleeding Piles Natural Remedy.