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Sep 17, 2012
The top management of many companies today is asking their IT departments to use advanced backup systems. The backup system technology is revolutionized with the emergence of the Linear Tape Open (LTO) technology. These LTO tapes first emerged in 2000 and at that time the IT managers were looking for the backup systems to store the data in a cost effective manner. There is a general misunderstanding about the backup systems, as people are unaware that why the efficient backup system technology is important. If the business activities are interrupted for even a short period of time, the company is bound to lose quite a lot of cash. Therefore, it is stressed that LTO tapes are used so that backup system is improved and data storage is guaranteed. This article discusses the HP LTO2 tape and highlights the features of this backup tape system. There are some features of the HP LTO-2 ultrium tape system which distinguish it from the rest of the technologies available in the market. For example, stable tracking makes it a very sought after product as this feature of stable tracking is able to get it distinguished from the other tapes available in the market. Similarly, superior compatibility is also a characteristic of the tape and IT managers have liked the tapes compared to the previously used backup systems.There are many other qualities like unprecedented media durability and its useful life. The life of the HP C7972A, LTO2 tape is longer and this is regarded as the most valuable features, especially when you have to comply with the government regulations. If a tape doesn’t last longer and is susceptible to wear out, then it is not generally demanded. HP LTO2 tape is better in that sense that it has a longer useful life. There are two special characteristics of the HP LTO2 tape which deserve to be mentioned here so that the readers can be elucidated on the HP LTO2 tape. These two features are the speed of the tape and the storage capacity of the HP LTO2 tape. The transfer speed of the HP LTO2 tape drive is 40 megabytes per second (native) and 80 megabytes per second. The 80 MB is the maximum compressed speed that you get with the HP LTO2 drive. The other feature is the ultra-high storage capacity that HP C7972A tape offers. If one is to give a precise estimate, the storage capacity is 200 Gigabytes- native and it is 400 GB when compressed. Many companies today are small or medium sized. The resources may be lesser compared to bigger companies and less revenue may also be a challenge for these companies. HP LTO2 tapes are not expensive, like the competitors. It is cost-effective so that improved backup system technology can be provisioned to the small companies as well. The LTO2 media tape format is the ideal solution for those companies who are looking for durable backup systems and if some company has installed a backup system technology recently, then they can update them with the LTO2 ultrium tape technology. Mark Paul is the marketing manager of odsi and publish article on HP LTO2 tape and Fuji LTO2 tape. Mark Paul
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