So, you are looking for an online personal trainer?


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Aug 22, 2012
This is the new trend that emerged from the exponentional growth of the Web. What would we do without internet? Online training has become an extremely popular way to stay fit without wasting time having to drive to the gym. I highly recommend you read this article to the end, because I will cover a lot of questions you are probably asking yourself right now about finding a proper online personal trainer. You actually have a lot of advantages in choosing this type of training: you have tailored fitness programs that adapt to the goal you set, nutrition guidance softwares that give you extremely relevant information on what to eat and in what quantity according to your body type, etc. Best of all, you are doing everything from the comfort of your home! You no longer have to worry about time constraints and geographical restrictions. You also have access to your online personal trainer 24/7. This is not possible if you are going to the gym. Another thing that will certainly catch your attention is that online personal trainers are way cheaper than the usual personal training session. The usual option costs in average around $75 dollars. But with an online training program, you just pay between 50 and 100 dollars for the whole month! Now, all of that is great. But you have to know that everything has its own advantages and disadvantages. As you probably know, nothing’s perfect. What can be the disadvantages of an online personal trainer? The first issue I can think of is the credibility of the trainer: literally everyone, even my grandpa can set you up a website and claim he or she is a professonal in fitness. You should be very careful when using this powerful tool. You definitely should do extensive research before deciding in investing in your online personal trainer. Check their references, their credibility and if you feel something’s wrong, simply move on to the next guy. Being a Certified Personal Trainer is not enough if you ask me: once again, everyone can pretty easily get this diploma. Even though the fact that someone has the diploma means he is knowledgeable in the field, this does not mean the person has lots of experience in training people. So, the first rule when looking for the best online personal trainer is you should not get yourself fooled by appearances. A fitness coach I know once told me that saying a couple of scientific words to the face of a client is enough for them to see him as a fitness “guru”. No comments! Another thing you should take care of is the legalities of online personal training: when buying usual training packages at gym, you have to sign a waiver. This ensures the gym club as well as the coach to have no liability. An online personal trainer should make you sign up a waiver in order to be totally legal.
All that being said, you are probably asking yourself: which online personal trainer should I go to? Well, according to my trial and errors, and my own experience, My Home Personal Trainer revealed to be the best among the hundreds of options you have. They are extremely professional, have no problem with legalities and are extremely friendly to work with!