Some information about IIT jee and AIEEE


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Oct 30, 2012
IIT – JEE : IIT – JEE is the Entrance Examination for 13 Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) It is regarded as one of the most difficult examination at the undergraduate level and it is a matter of great pride for a student to be selected in this examination. The Examination pattern keeps changing every year but the underlying idea has remained the same for years that is to get the best talent for engineering education. The success and recognition of IITians worldwide is a testimony to the success of the IIT JEE examination pattern. At present the examination will have two papers containing all three subjects viz. Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics in each. Questions in this examination are always new and are capable of testing the candidate’s ability to apply the concepts. Although answers are to be given in a machine readable form, questions are not really objective in nature nor are they just information based. Every question tests the student on the thoroughness of his/her knowledge of the subject. The examination is conducted on the first/second Sunday of April every year. AIEEE: AIEEE is the common examination for admission into 20 National Institutes of Technology (NITs) and it is conducted by the CBSE. NITs are Regional Engineering Colleges in most state capitals. The name was changed once the Central Govt. took control of these institutes and this common examination was introduced at the same time. Many prestigious deemed universities like BIT Mesra, Dhirubhai Institute of Communication Technology; also admit their undergraduate students through this examination. This examination has also undergone some pattern changes since its initial days. Earlier Physics and Chemistry questions came together in one paper while Mathematics was a different paper. Now there is only one question paper having all three subjects. Questions are of objective type and are simpler compared to IIT – JEE.