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Sep 13, 2012
Save 25% off with our Norton Antivirus Coupon Code, also works on Norton Antivirus 2012 renewals. See aslo Norton 360 Coupon Code. Norton™ AntiVirus 2012 – Fast protection that does more to stop viruses and spyware and powerful protection against viruses and spyware that won’t slow you down Key Norton Antivirus 2012 Technologies Antivirus Antispyware Antirootkit Bot protection Network mapping and monitoring Norton Reputation Service Pulse Updates SONAR 3 Behavior Protection If you are a Mac OS user, you can check our Coupon Code for Norton Antivirus for Mac. What Can You Expect from the Norton Antivirus 2012 Program? Norton has long since been established as one of the very best names in internet security. With the release of Norton Antivirus 2012, the company claims it is delivering a faster, powerful, and effective new program. Does the new antivirus live up to all expectations? Overall, the answer is yes as this truly is an excellent antivirus program which delivers on expectations. Scope of Protection With Norton Antivirus 2012, you can rest assured you will be protected against viruses and spyware. Granted, all antivirus programs claim this ability but Norton’s special protection system is designed with four full layers of protection. These four layers are designed to stop online threats prior to their reaching your computer. This keeps the infection from actually breaching your computer. So, the online threats are stopped prior to infection as opposed to just being detected once they are in the computer. One of the more interesting aspects of the protection is it offers an “Insight” component. What this does it determines where exactly a file has been downloaded and how long the file has been present on the computer. This also contributes to stopping infections and online threats before they seriously impact and damage your computer.

You could not ask for a more effective antivirus program. Norton is always up to date on new viruses and threats and, once again, the 2012 program is known for its ability to stop threats before they infect your PC. Ease of Installation and Setup The program installs in seconds. All you need to do is download the antivirus and follow the onscreen instructions which really only require that you click on your mouse. The installation and setup online take a few seconds and once the antivirus is installed, it will start protecting your computer immediately. Ease of Use You could not ask for an easier to run anti-virus program. Executing a manual request for a scan is as simply as performing a few clicks on your computer screen. The antivirus can also be preprogrammed to run at set, timed intervals when it will execute full scans of your drives. Of course, the program is also running silently in the background and will become alert the minute a threat is detected. Features
The 2012 version is completely cloud bases to you can perform updates, transfers, renewals, and other management responsibilities right over the internet. Browser protection is included and this ensures protection is in place the minute you open a browser. Norton Antivirus 2012 is one of the fastest security programs you could employ. Once the program notices a threat it reacts immediately to it. Vulnerability protection is available and this greatly reduces the potential for cyber-criminal attacks on your computer.
Updates are performed every 5 to 15 minutes. Yes, you read that correctly – the updates are performed that frequently and occur in the background so you won’t even notice they are occurring. And whether you know it or not, your computer will always be armed with current virus and spyware definitions. The bottom line here is the Norton Antivirus 2012 release is one of the best you could hope to purchase. It truly lives up to all the hype. Norton AntiVirus 12 for Mac Review While viruses may be much less of a concern for Mac users than they are for users of Windows based PCs, there are viruses and other malware out there which have been created to compromise the security of computers running MacOS. As such, Mac users should take action to protect their systems from the potential danger represented by Macintosh viruses. You may feel invulnerable when it comes to viruses and other kinds of malicious software, this feeling of invincibility could come to an end once your own computer falls victim to the handiwork of hackers. It’s not that Mac OS is necessarily immune to these kinds of threats, it’s just that until recently, it was far less common for viruses to be created which target these systems due to the much larger market share of Windows based PCs. However, Mac OS users aren’t defenseless against the growing number of viruses which can affect their computers thanks to software like Norton AntiVirus for Mac. Like Norton’s industry leading virus protection for Windows-based computers, Norton’s Mac OS antivirus software provides a full range of tools to keep your computer safe from the damage that viruses can cause and your personal information safe from hackers, scammers and anyone else who might use malware to compromise your privacy. Norton AntiVirus 12 for Mac includes vulnerability protection to keep hackers and malicious software from using buffer overflows and other potential security vulnerabilities to gain access to your Mac and powerful antivirus protection which keeps every one of your files and folders safe. This sophisticated antivirus software also provides you with daily protection updates to ensure that your computer is always protected against the latest threats. Best of all, Norton AntiVirus for Mac can run in the background and provide the protection you need without negatively impacting your computer’s performance. Norton 360
Norton 360 Premier Edition is a comprehensive security package. This software effectively safeguards your computer, your identity, and your files. Norton’s all-in-one package is light and fast (the entire application installs in under one minute with a single click), yet it is an extremely powerful program designed to keep your computer running at optimum levels. Norton 360 provides frontline protection for your computer, as it detects and eliminates viruses and spyware before they can cause damage. The Insight feature instantly checks where files are coming from, and stops crimeware immediately. Norton Safe Web will warn you of unsafe or questionable websites, and will automatically block them. SONAR 3 Behavioral Protection will monitor your computer for potential attacks by viruses and spyware. In addition, the Parental Controls feature will keep you up to date on your kids’ online activities. Norton 360 will help to keep your kids safe by blocking access to inappropriate websites, as well as tracking their social networking activities. The 360 Premier Edition is also an effective PC performance enhancer. With its PC Tuneup feature it frees up memory space so that computer startup time is boosted and applications start up and run faster. Proactive Performance Alerts will notify you when an application slows down your computer so you can make changes when needed. The Norton 360 package includes 25GB of secure, online storage space. The Automated Backup feature will automatically backup all of your important files to your online storage space, effectively safeguarding your pictures, music and other important files. In the event of a system crash, your files can be easily recovered from your online storage. Along with all of these features, Norton 360 Premier Edition comes with 24/7 support. You can get help and answers by phone, email, or live chat whenever you need it. Now with our Norton 360 Coupon Code, you can save 25% off of Norton 360 Version 6.0 Premier Editon. Norton Anti-Theft Can you think of anything worse than having your laptop, smartphone or tablet PC stolen? Alright, there are of course much worse things that could happen than having a piece of electronic equipment stolen or losing one of your mobile devices, but given how much most of us have come to rely on these devices, a lost or stolen computer or phone can be a very serious problem indeed. Now for a limited time, with our Norton Coupon, you can get 50% off retail price of Norton Anti-Theft. That’s why Norton Anti-Theft software was developed. This program can be installed on any Windows laptop, tablet or smartphone as well as on smartphones and other mobile devices running the Android operating system. Once installed, it provides a number of different tools to help you to recover your computer or smartphone if it is lost or stolen. When your device is lost or stolen, you can remotely lock down the device over the internet to prevent it from being used (and to prevent others from accessing any sensitive information stored on the device). Norton Anti-Theft software also tracks and reports the location of the device in case someone else uses the device to go online; and if your computer or smartphone has a built in camera, it can take a picture of the person using it – you may have read about a thief who was caught this way in New York recently. Another interesting feature this software offers is the ability to create a customized message for your laptop, tablet or smartphone to display in the event that it is lost; something which can certainly help you to recover your device if something should happen. Anyone who uses a mobile PC or smartphone can use this kind of software. If you’re like most of us these days, your whole life is on your computer and phone – and with Norton Anti-Theft software, you can protect your personal property as well as important information and give yourself the best possible chance of getting your things back if they are stolen or lost. Buy Norton Anti-Theft now save 50% with our Norton Coupon Code, you can get 1 year protection for up to 3 devices (U.S. only) Norton Antivirus For Mac
Macintosh users might have very slightly less to worry about than do Windows users in some ways, but in others, they are just as vulnerable as anyone else who surfs the internet or uses internet-capable devices to do their shopping, banking or store sensitive personal information. Even though you might not have to think as much about getting a virus on your Mac as you would on a PC (although even Mac users aren’t invulnerable in this regard), when it comes to having your personal information compromised by hackers, we’re all at the same kind of risk. There are of course a multitude of programs available for PC users to increase their online security – and with Norton Internet Security for Mac, the same kind of protection is now available to Mac users as well. More than just a virus scanner, Norton Internet Security for Mac is a full features online security suite which offers a comprehensive range of tools for keeping your computer and your personal information safe while you’re on the web. This security suite includes a two way firewall which keeps hackers out, antiphishing software to help you avoid fraudulent websites, Norton SafeWeb which warns you about potentially unsafe sites so that you can steer clear of scammers and spyware, antivirus protection, password protection of your important files and folders to prevent prying eyes from accessing your private information and daily updates to ensure that your Mac is provided with the most up to date protection available. Key Technologies of Norton Internet Security For Mac Version 5.0 Online identity protection Antivirus Antispyware Vulnerability Protection Daily Protection Updates Email and Instant Message Monitoring Norton Safe Web Antiphishing Technology Smart Two-Way Firewall System Requirements: For OS X 10.7; includes v4 for OS X 10.4.11–10.6 Conclusion: