Step by Step Ways to Get Rid of Canker Sores


Aug 23, 2012
Canker sore is a painful appearance of a rounded, grayish or whitish lump on the inside of the lips, cheeks and gums. It is true that it is painful especially when something has touched it. The mere rubbing between the gum and the inside of the lip can cause a certain level of pain. But having such should not worry you. The treatment and remedy for the different stages of this condition depends on its severity. You do not have to over react because there are stages that follow. When canker sore begins to develop, it just appears as a painful reddish portion on the gum. By this time, you will know that an impending canker sore is about to burst out. Before this happens, you may just ingest cold foods and soft foods so that it will not come to break the skin integrity. Basically, the approach during this stage is to just alleviate the pain and preventing the sores from coming out. If you will be successful, canker sore will never come out. But, if canker sores begin to appear in its end form – rounded greyish or whitish appearance with red border, it is the time when you need to take efforts. Technically, if this stage has been reached, you do not have to worry too. After just a week, it will just fade away on its own. You would want to hasten the process of healing so you can have remedies that you can find in your kitchen. This is manageable at home anyways. A pinch of salt on a glass of water would help. Gargle this solution twice a day to get the best results. You will at first feel the pain because salt touching open wounds will really hurt. But this comes to be the best solution and is proven for years. When remedies do not succeed and sores still progress, this is the time when you need to seek medical help. This is unlikely to happen because whitecanker sores usually disappear even without treatment at all. This can only happen when poor dental hygiene is practiced and when there is an underlying condition behind the occurrence. Most likely, the doctor would recommend antibiotics as the first line of action. Antibiotics are made to fight the infestation of bacteria and leading it to die to facilitate healing. Pain relievers are also prescribed. These pain medications block pain channels that may come to be ravaging. This is perfect when pain comes unbearable. These are the stages of development of white canker sores and the proper remedy for each stage. The most important thing to do is to stop its progress to another level by arming yourself with the knowledge of the remedies. Why wait to get to the last stage when you can do something to stop it from progressing? This condition is highly manageable so you will not have any problem at all as long as you are practicing what is right and what is good for it to heal.