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Aug 23, 2012
We are one of Australia’s largest suppliers of Gearbox equipment. We offer sales and repair service for transmissions, cluthes, and anything else your Subaru needs. We pride ourselves on our large selection and low prices. We have what you need in stock. We have several kits available if you’re working on upgrading your Subaru. We offer a Subaru gasket and seal kit, a Forester clutch conversion kit, and a Subaru centre differential. We also have Outback clutch conversion and Liberty clutch conversion. We can provide you with the parts and advice that you need to improve your Subaru, whether you’re an experienced mechanic or just a weekend tinkerer. We offer many Subaru parts, such as Subaru gearbox spare parts, Subaru transmission fluid, and all drive Subaru hybrid equipment. Whatever you need for your Subaru, we will have it stock. We also sell all of the various gears and gear kits that are needed by Subarus We have Subaru 2nd hand gearbox, Subaru viscous coupling supplies, Subaru gearbox gaskets, Subaru hardened gears, Subaru dual range box, Subaru transfer gears, Subaru gearbox parts, Subaru transfer case, and Subaru billet gears. We can also supply you with Subaru differential or Subaru turbo engine parts. We offer parts and kits for many different makes of Subaru cars. We have a parts for Subaru hybrid transmission, Forest clutch kits, Outback clutch kits, Liberty clutch kits, and Subaru syncrocones or Subaru centre diff. We know how hard it can be to find all of the parts that you need for your specific Subaru, and that’s why we are happy to keep such a wide range in stock. We want to be able to offer you whatever you need without long waits or frustration. We offer gearbox sales, upgrades, exchanges, and repairs.. You can buy a Subaru gearbox, hybrid gearbox, sti gearbox, or wrx gearbox from us without any hassle. We also have individual gear parts like Subaru dog gears, Subaru gears, wrx gears, or sti gears. Also, we have many specific boxes like the wrx box, 01 wrx box, 00 wrx box, and 99 wrx box. You can even find a Subaru dual range, Subaru gasket kit, Subaru bearings, or Subaru dog gears from us. We can also offer you Subaru Viscous, Subaru tranny, Subaru hubs, Subaru diff, or ADS hybrid. You can bring your car in to see us at our shop, located at 24 Stanley Street, Peakhurst 2210. Or call us on 02 9915 9900 We will be happy to see you and to show you our parts warehouse. We hope that you’ll be impressed with your wide selection and outstanding customer service. We are the largest Subaru-only Gearbox sales parts and repair centre in Australia. We guarantee all of the parts that we sell, including new and used parts and transmissions. We can save you money and frustration if you come to see us. The author of this article has expertise in Subaru gasket and seal kit. The articles on Sti gearbox reveals the author’s knowledge on the same. The author has written many articles on Subaru gearbox as well. Share Bookmark on Delicious Recommend on Facebook Buzz it up Share on Linkedin Share via MySpace Share on Orkut share via Reddit Share on identica Share with Stumblers Share on technorati Tumblr it Tweet about it Print for later Bookmark in Browser